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    • I’m not a royale fan. It’s trendy.  You know the difference between KOTH and battle royale? Government legislation. Rather than choosing to be there they make it so you have to be. (and with nothing where you have to scavenge just to have supplies at all) Changes the game completely for the worse.  But seriously, I didn’t mean battle royale. I probably shouldnt have even used that word. I meant more of a KOTH/TKOTH with the added element/enjoyment of getting to take off in a vehicle and shoot at whoever wasn’t lucky enough to make it for pickup while trying not to blow up from a salty RPG. Not a royale clone. 
    • but on the otherhand... if the idee is coming from a NOT so popular game why would TFE have it 😃 i have played elysium myself and yeeh.. its not that good.. and the royal gameplay feels like its going to die in a year or two.. as allways.. stay at the path the game started as...
    • I thought up/borrowed an idea for a cool gametype the other day. If anyone has played the not-so-popular game Elysium, it functions on this sort of battle royale gametype that accepts 3 or 4 winners. (As many winners that will fit on the extraction helicopter.) At the end of the round you only win if you make it to the chopper. There are a few seats so it’s not completely a last man standing idea. TFE could have a “Dust Off” (DO) or “Team Dust Off” (TDO) gametype that is a merging of TDM/TKOTH/A&D or DM and fast paced Battle Royale. Maybe create mediumish maps where the players/teams start at the edges of the map and have to encounter each other at pinch points to choose a site to set up camp for a would-be extract zone. (There could be multiple possible extract zones and the selection determined randomly or by a player density per area analytical method) The game could end when a team/players pass a checkpoint in the sky/water/ground that the heli/vehicle goes through. So the other team could still try to take them out with an RPG at the end as a last resort. Extract vehicles could have mannable or AI operated weapons to defend on the way out.   =“TDO” Game ends on condition of all enemy players killed or all of remaining single team’s players exiting map via choppers, humvees, C130s, boats, etc. through designated checkpoint that can only be reached by these vehicles. This would be conditional to the map’s allowable number of players so the vehicle allotment could be appropriate for extract. If there were more than one chopper/humvee/C130/boat/etc then the extracting team could still win no matter if one or 2 vehicles are hit with RPGs by the other team.   *In a “DO” DM royale version you would have the few players win that mount the vehicle and become immune from damage to each other. In this case there would have to be a shortage of vehicles/seats to drive the DM royale. But players would man weapons to defend their extract vehicle against the remaining players on the way out. You think you guys could run with that?   Same. I was thinking we would have a look at it this month because the map maker thread was supposed to go private. Hopefully still coming soon. 
    • I remember the learning curve for that. Maybe it’s written online somewhere, but it took a lot of trial and error to get choppers and vehicle’s to do what you want. I never made any COOP maps so I probably never even mastered it honestly. What an excellent series DF was. So ahead of its time.  
    • SLM! The new monitor I just picked up has a button that puts an EOTech style reticle on the center of the screen. Only $150 from Amazon. AOC, 144mhz, 1ms, 1080p, 3 year dead pixel warranty. Great value so far. 
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