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    Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite

    Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite
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    • Where is moderator?? It is about advertisement on your website. Thank. Могу я связаться с админом ?? Речь идет о рекламе на вашем сайте. Спасибо.
    • I guess this is happening in all maps and after killing with any weapon.  
    • BCU server a couple of days ago. Was looking up at the top balcony of the opposition base building and backed into a crate (I think it was this one), next thing I am falling through the map.
    • We had some recent major developments behind-the-scenes. I'm really excited to share it with the community, once I'm authorized to do so. We'll be coming out with these news during the month of September. 
    • What is your ETA roughly for the marketing and full release? What are you guys aiming for ? @RJS_Psycho
    • Hi @Red Dog The game hasn't been released yet.  What you currently playing is an early access, beta version of the final game, which is still being developed. Unlike other early access games, all the marketing for our game will be done once the product is finished ahead of its full release. Still, you can check here for the game early access activity: https://steamcharts.com/app/1148810 Thank you for your support.
    • I see less and less peeps in the servers, whats up with that?
    • I think the night mode could do with more visual limitation when switched to night vision, I remember DFLW used a similar green inverting technique but the only green 'NV' part of your view that you could really see through in the dark was a large circle / scope view (maybe 60 - 70% of total screen view?), so that it still mostly blinded your peripheral vision. Otherwise it seems like we're sort of just playing in green and/or dark mode.
    • Scenario: An opposing team player jumped on the bonnet of the humvee, while I was inside the humvee. It was just the two of us and he was showing me "something". Result: Humvee glitched by spinning out rapidly up in the air, then the server appeared to crash by disconnecting, then not displaying on server list afterwards. Date/Time: 22/08/21 22:46 PM (BST) on Official US Server, I think it was Server 2 as that wasn't available on the server list for a short period until after refresh, but im not 100% certain, hopefully the error log might match timing. When it was available again it started on Abandoned airbase - guessing thats the first map in the rotation?
    • Because @VIp3r.- we are drunk at night 😄 thats how everything feels !!
    • Bank Crash drops from 140-160fps daylight version to a low of 14-45fps with the night vision version. Its unplayable for me. 
    • sooooooooooooooooooooo. Why does turning a map night and using night vision drop FPS?  I play Bank Crash fine at 144 fps during the day. 40 fps at night lul. Needs more attention/work asap. Something simple made difficult always amused me 
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