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  2. What about a kill count mark in the bloddy skin? Like it was made with a knife...
  3. i was looking at making a bunch of mock ups for some gun skinz just for fun, i'm not going to have any more time so i only did a few and they are a bit rough, but didn't want to waste 'em. i managed to cut up all the parts in photoshop to make it easy to edit each part but i only really used that on the snow one. i'm sure i could share my shitty template if anyone wants to have a go.
  4. I made a live TFE level + progress signature for the forums! See my sig for an example. The signature updates automatically after each game played. If you want this, follow the steps below. ~ Get your signature URL ~ Go to https://tfe.gg/stats/individual and click the Steam button. Log in to Steam. You will be redirect back to tfe.gg, with your unique Steam identifier in the URL. Put your Steam identifier after 'https://tfe.gg/sig?id=' to get your signature URL. For me, it's https://tfe.gg/sig?id=76561198109405586 ~ Set your TFE fo
  5. for some reason, it popped into my head that the Red logo looks like someone pulled an ear off a llama, and now i can't unsee it 😞
  6. this is the test topic, do not get attached to it as it might disappear soon 🙂
  7. Photoshop / Illustrator, cannot remember what I had open atm 😄
  8. @RJS_lllama loves you what app used for this style?
  9. recognised the RJS logo in there now it is red 😄
  10. there are also other versions, for smaller sizes:
  11. Nice to see this at full size, the squad logo gets resized a lot.
  12. RJS_Psycho


    Really good!!!
  13. Click on Start New Topic above and make a post with some info about what you want. Anyone can join in and make stuff.

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