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  2. I use Eset Internet Security. I tried that by switch off the Antivirus and Firewall but still had the same issue. Checked the quarantined files/folder, could not find any related there. Can I force a full uninstall and reinstall for EQU8 somehow? (maybe deleting manually and reinstall or something) Because I also have the feeling that something is blocking it...
  3. i have the same problem but mine started yesterday i think.. the *rubberband* effect.. its very randomly but i feel like it is in the beginning of the maps i have the problems..
  4. You describe it better than me, Tyrian. Sounds like exactly the same issue. Glad it's not just me suffering with this. Hopefully it means it is related to the software and will iron itself out in future updates. Any others experiencing similar issues?
  5. Hi everyone, It seems we found one instance where a certain action leads to fatal crash of the game. We're warning you to avoid doing this in order to not crash, while we work on a patch / fix , however it may take sometime to deploy since the game can't be packaged at the moment for any new build, while we work on the map maker. The situation to avoid is: If you mouse scroll while your dead it may trigger a fatal crash.
  6. Nevermind, I manage to replicate myself by scrolling my mouse like madness the moment im killed :D In the mean time, can you try not to scroll too frequently, i know it's hard but at least that keeps you from crashing. I'll deploy a patch in a few days. Cheers
  7. Hey Vexed, sorry about the issue. It seems to me that scroll down is used when the freeze happened. Can you let me know, what weapons were you using, were those weapons allowed on server, did you try to scroll down when you were killed ? Thanks
  8. Can you make sure that your files are not eaten by AV :d
  9. Yes around when the sniper tournament patch dropped, I began experiencing the same thing you are. It doesn't always happen but its very frustrating. I will think I'm hiding behind a corner, but seconds later my player model will teleport out a few steps in a seemingly random direction. I usually refer to this as 'rubberbanding'. I've stopped playing TFE as often as I used to in hopes this would be corrected in time. I'm glad I'm not the only one because for a second I thought it was due to my internet. But when I play other games such as Rainbow Six, I never experience this.
  10. Not sure how best to describe what I'm experiencing in game at the moment but will give it my best shot. There appears to be a lot of lag at the moment. The game/screen appears to run very smoothly. However, after running various distances (could be as little as 20m or as much as 60-80m) I experience a sudden large lag. I may have turned a corner but then after the lag I'm back behind the corner and find myself running in to a wall/obstacle. I've also noticed it when firing at someone - I stopped firing to move and they died a second or so after. I've spoken to a few people in the se
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  12. yw, i'm happy to be corrected on anything, but it's all good to go i believe
  13. Cheers, mate. Really appreciate your help. Set my mind at ease!
  14. Delta Force 2 BHD Delta Force Task Force Dagger Delta Force X2 Joint Ops In my humble opinon Delta Force 2 was the Best ever title they gave us followed closely by BHD They lost me when they brought chopper and crap into the game like DFX and so on .
  15. yeah u got it, it's a combination of all the timings (lower is faster), the one they focus on is the CAS latency. Ballistix 16-18-18-36 other is 22-22-22(-44??) or something they have missed a digit maybe. i can't remember all this stuff 😄 Yes i would have got the more expensive, better looking not that u ever see it memory 😄 it's not always the case, but with some laptops u can check all these settings and change them in the bios. but generally it will set it good enough to never worry about.
  16. Cheers for the reply, PANiC! By 'timings' I assume you're referring to the CAS Latency? If so, the Crucial 32GB 1.2v kit you refer to has a CAS Latency of 22, but the Ballistix version has a CAS Latency of 16. I had originally intended to by the 3200 32GB 1.2v version as it was the top result on Crucial's website when I ran the system compatibility scan, however it was out of stock and has been at all it's affiliated retailers for 2 weeks or more now. Today I saw the Ballastix version appear in Crucial's compatibility scan results and noticed the lower CAS Latency an
  17. You might want to see your fourth shot, but the guy is too keen and starts grabbing the next mag. 🙂
  18. I don't think i can clear it up but had a quick look around I've not looked at stuff for a while so bear with me. finding the motherboard part number might be handy, maybe u can see it when you take off the ram cover or however you get at the ram. it's usually something like this format: 695760-001 So crucial sell a 32GB ram kit that runs at 3200 @ 1.2v The ballistix 32GB kit runs 3200 @1.35v The difference is the timings. I think 2 things might happen, 1 it runs at 3200 on slacker timings, 2 it runs at 2666 . If it was me then id have bought the ballistix, and if it ran a b
  19. I have a technical query, rather long winded, for those that are that way inclined... I recently bought a new laptop ( HP Pavilion 15-ec1006na ) Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 4800H 8 Core Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q 6GB 8GB DDR4 3200MHz Memory 1.2v My intention is to upgrade the memory to 32GB (the motherboard's maximum supported amount) and have purchased a Crucial Ballistix 32GB kit (2 x 16GB sticks) [model - BL2K16G32C16S4B] The kit's advertised speed is 3200MHz and they run at 1.35v supply (as you can see, the memory the laptop comes with runs at 1.2v). I have done so
  20. Cheers, Ram. I do occasionally like to play as a sniper, and I feel like I recognise that clan name, so may have played in their server, but was never a member.
  21. I will get you the logs, however I removed the EQU8, started the game I got the typical message game filed missing, let it install new files restarted steam and the game starts up fine now, odd. Thanks for the fast response see requested data below. V/R Viper-22 (%ProgramData%\EQU8\Tip of the Spear_ Task Force Elite\Tip of the Spear_ Task Force Elite.log) Running build 316 on Windows 10 - x64 Base path D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TaskForceElite Base config file D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TaskForceElite\equ8_conf.json Trying config
  22. Hey Viper, sorry for the issue. Can you send me the following files %ProgramData%\EQU8\Tip of the Spear_ Task Force Elite\Tip of the Spear_ Task Force Elite.log %ProgramData%\EQU8\Startup.log
  23. Last week
  24. hey @Viper-22 Thanks for reporting . Our dev team is investigating together with the EQU8 team. We have received a few reports like yours since a few days back
  25. Issue starting the game, Click START and Lightweight Anti-Cheat box (EQU8) comes up and states "Unable to start the game process" and "Update unable to complete. Please retry".I have tried to re start multiple times, OS is up to date, AVS antivirus not blocking, Maleware not blocking. Did a file check through Steam restart as well no luck, uninstalled game reinstalled still no luck, any thought on this issue?V/R Viper-22
  26. Which would would better Ubuntu or Kubuntu?
  27. Hmm I will try it again. But to be honest I don't have high expectation that this solves my problem as I already did Windows update on Thursday/Friday, did Windows restart since then a few times already. (do that 1x every day actually) When I wrote: I meant that when I start the game executable directly. ("TaskForceElite-Win64-Shipping.exe"). If I start normally via shortcut, the EQU8 still complains: @NitroViper: You mentioned that you got the files from your friend and copied that to your folder? Is this correct? (in this case can you list the file names
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