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  2. 1. DF2 2. DF2 3. DF2 Honestly they were all pretty good until they started dropping bullet physics. . . . and BHD's death screams. . ."oof!" and "ow!" . . . lmao but DF2, with 8v8 multiplayer, bullet physics, VON (even tho it never took) and all over DIAL UP!? Are you kidding me! Knowing this I'm baffled how any games in 2021 have issues with hit reg. . . nova made it happen darn near flawlessly in 1999 over 56k modems.
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  4. Only seen this in the past 2 days, BCU server.
  5. For anyone else who is bad with names like me 😄
  6. Hm that's what I thought. It's something within the low settings that is causing the render defect. I'll have to run some tests to find out exactly Thanks
  7. GTX 1050 TI with ingame graphics settings set as low as possible.
  8. Interesting! Can you let us know what is your GPU model?
  9. Found a spot on Desert Valley CQB where walls disappear:
  10. With night vision ready for release, we're opening a poll to see what 2 stock maps would you like to play on a night version, so that we can prioritize them.
  11. awesome work. this is really good info for other map makers, we appreciate the effort👍
  12. Making a minimap and a tactical map for Gaia Canyon has been an ordeal. Initially, I simply followed the instructions in the TFE Editor documentation. Sadly, during the playtest (thanks to all who took part, by the way - I appreciate it!) it became clear that Gaia Canyon's complex layout meant that the minimap needed to give players who hadn't played the map before (both veterans and new TFE players) more help to navigate the level. So, I set to work and created the improved minimap for the [2021 - 06 - 29] version. Take a look at the screenshot below: Sadly, even though the resolution for this minimap was the medium-detailed version, 2048x2048, it still wasn't terribly clear for the player. For starters, the routes shown by arrows and dots weren't always contrasted enough with the greenish landscape. It also wasn't very helpful in showing the player all the places in Gaia Canyon that they could go. Then, I made this minimap: Oh, this one was beautiful. The routes were clearly defined - blue routes had arrows showing the directions blue players needed to take in order to get to the centre of the map; green routes had arrows showing the directions players needed to take in order to get to the outposts. Smaller white arrows were used to show where players needed to jump. Overall, I thought this version was fantastic and looked the most professional. Sadly, I had two problems. First of all, my graphics card, the GTX 980 (4GB VRAM), ran out of video memory while I was 'capturing' - or generating - the minimap. That's why the landscape lacked detail in 3/4 of the minimap (compare the detail of the landscape of screenshot 1 and 2). Actually, I preferred the way the landscape looked with fewer details, so that problem seemed to solve itself. Sure, the one remaining quarter of the minimap would be detailed and look strange, but I figured I could live with that. However, the second problem was too big an issue to ignore. For this minimap, I had chosen the maximum suggested resolution from the TFE Editor documentation: 4096x4096. And oh boy do those circles look circular! For all the detail and beauty 4096x4096 afforded, it came at a great cost. The file size for the map grew from 302MB to 792MB! So, I went back to the drawing board: This time, I knew adding arrows and dots for routes wouldn't work. I needed to use the minimum resolution to keep the file size as low as possible. I also wanted the minimap to be as clear as possible. Instead of making dots and arrows which wouldn't really resemble dots and arrows in-game, I decided to black out the areas which were not navigable. I also hid the landscape and replaced it with a flat, light grey texture; any area onto which you must jump or can only jump over (i.e. jumping down a small hill) was dark grey. Any elevated areas (inside towers and on the bridges) were white. I also went through the painstaking effort of retexturing every object in the game and replacing it with the dark grey texture, just to add clarity. So, the final version of the map is 180MB with a very readable minimap. I look forward to hearing feedback 🙂
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  14. Looks like there are still some bugs here, though it's much improved. - Load game -> Profile -> Stats Visible - Load game -> Leaderboard -> `ronzalo` default filter -> Stats Visible - Load game -> Leaderboard -> refresh leaderboard -> search for `ronzalo` -> All stats are 0 except `EXP` & `WIN RATE` -> After the line above user journey, go back to `Profile` -> Only K/D ratio, Headshot Rate & Win/Loss Ratio show -> Exit multiplayer server -> Profile -> All stats are 0
  15. Great stuff, though maybe not being able to see that was a good thing atm
  16. Hi Cobra, We don't use Rcon. We use our own dedicated server tool, to manage the server. As per 4netplayers servers, they offer a dashboard with the possibility to edit the config file, where you can adjust the vars to your liking. It's not as advanced as our own sever tool.
  17. Thanks, it helped. We believe we found the source of the problem, and a patch has been divised to be applied in the next few days. However, the actual real number of your k/d is being correctly registered, so it should appear on your profile once the update goes live.
  18. It's an ongoing issue we're trying to resolve. Can you let us know what is your ingame nickname?
  19. In the menu, I have 0 k/d in the profile section, but my exp and rank have increased.
  20. hello i cant fine rcon port or logg on dedicert server from 4netp4-
  21. Version 1.0.0


  22. Version 1.0.0


  23. Version 1.0.0


  24. Version 1.0.0


    Beachhead002.jpg wip Beachhead map.
  25. Well, I had a few reasons to get a new PC, so I ended up spending the dosh. A bit of waiting time here in the UK, at least week before delivery, but I should be on the servers some time in the next couple of weeks.
  26. In the order that I played them really DF2 - best memories, young gunner with all the time in the world to play KOTH, mostly played as Pisspotpinky. I remember some classic clans like Psycho & DFS from these times. DFLW - first gen with the ranking system, great fun wading through to get to GOA, mostly played as *EAG*Fluid. DFTFD - still loved this running around with the saco but had less time to play it, can't remember my alias on this DFBHD - turned 18.. played a lot less, but I knew this was a good game DF1 - never played it
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