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  3. Thanks Edwin .......... give me your like 👍
  4. After shooting/or a reload, the scope goes to the side of the gun and looks a bit weird.
  5. Nice, its been reported a few times before
  6. Main board shows 5 players (for example) present (not bots). But when I "Join," my name is only one on list. When I press "Play" anyway, game states error message.
  7. I played DFLW, TFD, BHD, Joint Ops, DFX & DFX2. Started making maps with the use of a 2d editor then later NILE (3d). I Have made maps for most of the DF games. Searched my old HD but found no images. Also made maps for Arma (Arma Tools) & Crysis (Sandbox editor). I would like to sign up.
  9. Came across a bug that let me see enemy through wall: For some stupid reason it didn't record full screen but it still caught it.
  10. jackets90 Please signup to become a QA Tester and Official map maker for TFE. Requisites: - Have used a legacy map maker tool to create content for : Delta Force 2, 3, Land Warrior, Task Force Dagger. Delta Force 2, 3, Land Warrior maps were done in the early 2000's. Recently re-engaged with Delta Force games and have been creating Delta Force Task Force Dagger maps. See my recent maps at: - I am older than 18 Background Graduated from a major university college of architecture with an Industrial Design degree.
  11. Any chance we can get some of the CTF maps from BHD remade. Barrens and Tug O' War maps were some of my favorite maps.
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  13. I've been looking for movies to see that I haven't seen before, that are decent. With the covid19 stop of new productions, it has become a desert to find new decent content to watch. I haven't seen this one before, but will take a look!
  14. jabo1SFH

    cold pursuit

    anyone ever watch this Liam Neeson movie? yeah it has the same mo as other movies of his, but this one has a slight twist to it. kind of a mix of thriller and dramedy. check it out if you haven't.


  16. this topic makes me want to go brush up on some of my BHD playing. lol!
  17. cant speak much of DF1 as i didnt play it online. i only have it becuase of the 10th anni release. i started in DF2 in nov '99. i do still play but not as much as i did back then. i was involved with the TXP2 mod that was never released, but most of the assets were released to tomkat for his DF2 EVO mod and a bunch of people play in that server. DFLW i reached the level of 2nd LT in my 1st go 'round in 2000 or 01. i played it before NL banned the MM1 from the game, lol. dagger: i didnt play online. played a ton of coops, especially all those darn =M= coops. BHD.....played e
  18. lets get a panic attack A remake?!
  19. Df2 - Graphics and gameplay somehow was the best on this one for me anyhow i played majority of df's df1. Clans , Maps , Tournaments etc was off the hook seeing the scene explode and not seen another df make their own gametype... Bhd. No comment played it but wasnt the same as df1/2/ lw vybes Dfx2 they tried to hard and made it worse than df1/2 somehow like bhd 😞 The games i dissed had a whole next level of singleplayer which was a huge game changer just was too much for me the psp's etc was agood move too i stuck to the df1/2 community my whole career. #DEA #SS #CZNTOETAGS(l)
  20. This evening I was playing a TKOTH map CQB Stronghold. A blue player came over to the red spawn point and kept using the red ammo cache. The player received spawn armor each time he pulled a weapon from the cache on the red side. Doesn't seem quite right. I think it's a bug.
  21. We haven't yet been able to reproduce this bug. It's affecting the display, not the actual system. The system still counting players, and triggering win and loss, but the hud display , sometimes, is not updating it. We're still looking into this one.
  22. Hm! We'll take a look on the heli path' to determine what may be causing it. Thanks
  23. As mentioned on discord. We found today the cause for the weapon jam and has been fixed for next update. The way to unlock the weapon is to pull the tactical map "M" followed by clicking with the left mouse button anywhere inside the tactical map and then close the tactical map "M". It will activate the input from left mouse click again, while we work on the permanent fix for the issue. The Syringe issue might be related, since it requires the left-mouse click to activate. The issue is affecting left-mouse click input at times when the bug is triggered.
  24. Servertools: Server restart serveral times a day And each time, it has deleted Automatic Message. (This started after last/2nd last update) EDIT: Half fix ..verify the integrity of game files 2nd times it reduced the restart to 4-10 times of a day 🙂 EDIT again: Now I verify the integrity of game files 3rd times... First time 0 probs. 2nd 12 files probs. 3rd time 9 files probs its like somthing eat/corrupt the files??? Automatic Message dont work. The messages do not appear in the window and you have to edit / paste it in the config file every time server restart. Disa
  25. Was backing up to the small iron shed on the right in the first image when I just glitched through the wall. Couldn't exit. Same thing has happened before when climbing up onto the left iron shed attached to the zone and have fallen through the roof.
  26. After last weekends matches (GG vs Aeon & BoF vs Aeon ) i've experienced the gun block multiple times. As mentioned on discord: Pirate — vandaag om 01:33 @RJS_Psycho @RJS_Killerbee when will it be possible to change loadout during timer like in bhd? Are there plans to add this? cant find the "bug report" any more so i write it in here: In the last weeks i had many issues with the guns in game: - M4 / M9 stops shooting suddenly ( u have to switch between the weapon to make it work again) - cant shoot after respawn - two times at under siege ( only restart help
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