About This File

The first release of Sidecar - a tool which allows third party applications to fetch data from your Task Force Elite server.


Sidecar hosts an HTTP server on port 8080, so you have to open this port if you want to call Sidecar over the internet.

Running the application prints out an authorization key, which you have to put in the HTTP header 'authKey'.

HTTP endpoints:

  • GET /playercount -> returns the amount of players accumulated over all the rooms on your server
  • GET /current-map?id=room-id -> returns the current map of the room you specified the id for 
  • GET /players?id=room-id -> returns the playerlist of the room you specified the id for
  • GET /server -> returns a bunch of data for all rooms on your server


Usage: java -jar sidecar.java {username} {password} {serverIP}

Username and password are the ones you use for the official Server Manager application.
ServerIP is the IP address where your Task Force Elite server is located. If you want to run sidecar on the same server as your Task Force Elite server, you can enter 'localhost'.

Example: java -jar sidecar.java Kattoor mypassword localhost


Note: you cannot run the ServerManager and Sidecar at the same time.

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