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About This File

Domain2IP is a simple application that allows users to type in a domain and get the IP address. While it has non-TFE uses, as the server tool does not support domains at this time, this was written with admins in mind who have received a domain name for access to the server tool.

Hosts with a dynamic IP can use providers like no-ip.com to create a custom domain that points to the TFE server tool's IP. Admins with the domain can retrieve the IP when ever they need to should the IP change.

Application can be configured to remember the last domain entered in, as well as copying the IP to the clipboard automatically. This only works if the domain returns 1 IP.

If more then 1 IP is found, all IP's are displayed.

Please note: When running for the first time, Windows 10 Smart Screen will pop up a message indicating it has stopped the application from running. You need to click "More Info" and then Run Anyway.

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