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  1. The issue about people playing TDM in a TKOTH server comes from the first DF. It's simple: The mode is not good for public servers and even in clan x clan matches you will see teams playing TDM most of the time, depending on the map, one of the reasons why I never liked the gamemode. About base rape, Wildwilly is correct: Comparing to football, if there was a match between Real Madrid and an amateur team, you would see the defensive line of Real Madrid pushing to sufocate the opponent. Their "objective" is to defend, but they are all in the middle of the field. They are not wrong. No way to ask for a rule that is not part of the game. There's nothing to do in this case, this is the nature of the gamemode. If there was roles like "zoner", where people were punished for not going to the zone or things like that, it could be different. (ps: this is not a suggestion) Despite all this, there is no reason to be toxic or disrespectful with people looking for different experiences, from a different spectrum. Not everyone in the game is looking for super high level matches, competitive queues and leagues. The best players are the ones who should be more thoughtful and moderate, since those with less competitive experience barely know how certain plays happen (which is normal. I would feel the same in games like SC2). I don't know the solution to that, but I wouldn't be mad if I was banned from BCU server to let them create a large community with a mutual desire. BCU have lots of members, there's more clans and dozens of players in the similar situation. The game has to be fun for these players and part of the fun also includes killing and winning. Is BCU tied to TKOTH? If not, I'd say to switch to CTF. I think it's a much more welcoming gamemode for different groups of people. You could also encourage RJS to create and polish the maps.
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  2. Equal children play best 🙂 For me, it's not about some doing a lot of HS or being High skills player It's the way they play against other lowend players. And sorry to say it is not high skill player that makes server popular It is the number of players and you feel you are welcome and can participate in the game. And not... die spawn, die spawn die spawn all the time by a high skills player in the base or just outside base while you can see the zone is ALWAYS empty. Why do such players not play TDM? it is due to several more easy kills in a TKOTH when others try to play for or enter the zone...Such player empties the server rather than making it popular. I am one of those who leaves the server and see many others doing the same but I NEVER see anyone leave a server because there is a lowend player or 10 trying to play or enter the zone... And another thing i also never see a high skills player be the first on a server and wait for others to join "Here you can think for yourself" Why? Maybe it's better that high skills player who likes many kills base rape, Snipe directly into the base ect join a TDM and wait for others to join so BCU server does not need to make rules to keep other players / their members on their own server 😄
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  3. Fair enough, I know I'm one player that gets a decent amount of headshots, however I also stream too because I knew at some point in time this would become a concern for a lot of new/not so good players, which I have nothing against, I have nothing against people not being good at all and I totally understand BCU and many others play purely for fun.
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  4. Hola Llama, soy mapeador de DFX 1 & 2, me gustaria crear mapas para TFE, desconozco como será su editor y si será como el MED DFX o similar, por favor hacer version traducida a español, y podeis contar conmigo para crear escenarios divertidos y muy shooting, o sniper, o de zona, etc. Un saludo desde ESPAÑA
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  5. Another lifetime ban issued today: Today we announce another Lifetime Ban for Cheating in Task Force Elite. Username Jay, steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/impo55ibru . Our watchdogs are more efficient by the day and our time to issues bans have reduced. There is zero tolerance for cheating and will result in a permanent lifetime ban from the game and a report to Valve / VAC
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  6. Just testing my new sig! thankyou so much Panic!! I requested and you defo delivered! :))))
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