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  1. I guess this is happening in all maps and after killing with any weapon.
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  2. We had some recent major developments behind-the-scenes. I'm really excited to share it with the community, once I'm authorized to do so. We'll be coming out with these news during the month of September.
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  3. Throw five JO and DF series fans into the ring and they'll start fighting over which game is better. JO fans will win because they have APCs and BTRs, lol. The truth is that each of the NovaLogic titles had something unique about them and each was great in other dimension. DF had amazing fights using mostly firearms, amazing teamwork, fast CQ fights. JO gave you total freedom to fight - you could flank the action center, fight side by side with your med team, you could fly helicopters, fight using a tank, play between TDM, TKOTH, AAS and many more, everything with up to 150 players. JO will always be the game I love above all else, however I totally understand the DF fanatics who spent as many thousands of hours on the title as JO fanatics on their beloved game. TFE has a chance to attract fans of both series here and dear devs - everything is in your hands. However, you can rest easy because we are here to help you create something we've been waiting for at least a decade now.
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  4. DF AF screenshots (40): ttps://imgur.com/a/AtccFUR More like a continuation for JO than a DFX with little improvements.
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