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  1. Sorry about the issue. If you were not able to join servers, meaning that the servers are running lower version of the game, and usually it takes a while before they are updated. Should be all good now.
  2. Fixed. Deploying today :) Edit : We'r going to move the fix into the next update as well due to some minor technical confliction. Sorry for the trouble.
  3. Nevermind, I manage to replicate myself by scrolling my mouse like madness the moment im killed :D In the mean time, can you try not to scroll too frequently, i know it's hard but at least that keeps you from crashing. I'll deploy a patch in a few days. Cheers
  4. Hey Vexed, sorry about the issue. It seems to me that scroll down is used when the freeze happened. Can you let me know, what weapons were you using, were those weapons allowed on server, did you try to scroll down when you were killed ? Thanks
  5. Can you make sure that your files are not eaten by AV :d
  6. Hey Viper, sorry for the issue. Can you send me the following files %ProgramData%\EQU8\Tip of the Spear_ Task Force Elite\Tip of the Spear_ Task Force Elite.log %ProgramData%\EQU8\Startup.log
  7. Sorry for the issue. Can you let me know if you'r using admin account ? Thanks
  8. Those data are not controlled by steam nor registered on steam backend. In order to retrieve those info, like we have discussed, we will have to create API for community master server as well
  9. Community servers are polled from steam API, we don't create any custom API to query them. I assume those 8 servers from TFETools.gg are official ones ?
  10. Yes, it only supports 3 types of file, jpeg, png and bmp
  11. Yup indeed related to DM only. Working on the fix. Edit : fixed and deployed. Thanks for reporting :)
  12. Can confirm myself, the decal is the issue, nice catch :)
  13. There is an option to choose bot difficulty, from practice menu. It is by default dumbest, so bots miss targets a lot, you can tune it up to hardest :)