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  1. I will check back for the next update, hopefully it is done properly by then
  2. If you hold all checkpoints it shouldnt be instant win if ya apply all the factors Ive mentioned in previous posts especially if its the way you currently have it. Now... Im not against trying the timer if ya put the checkpoints in a sequence Like ya mentioned above as one example. But currently having all Checkpoints available with a timer at the end makes no sense to me.
  3. It doesn't have to be in a "line" or playing the length always vs the width. Not what im saying at all. Set the checkpoints however ya want long as its balanced for both teams. Just don't have 8 checkpoints available to grab at once??? Set a path but use the entire map its not a hard concept. I also never said instant respawning for all checkpoints. I said being able to respawn on them if you control them. @RJS_Psycho If you want prime Examples of AAS the way it was in JO I can show you. Something in that direction will be alot better and most ppl would probably agree th
  4. I think all Outposts/Psps in Team Conqueror should allow respawning. That being said, I think having them all up at once isn't the best approach. Perhaps giving 1-2 Outposts per side with 1-2 neutrals in the middle is much better. Forcing the teams to fight head on more instead of just flanking the outside for an Outpost. Also if a team controls all Outposts the game is won. Shouldn't have a timer that starts when controlling them all. This isn't Tkoth A/B Blue Side C/D Neutral (Green) E/F Red Side Not all maps have to be that way of course with the 2 neutrals But just giving you an id
  5. Dieing in zone and spawning at Base instead of psp perhaps? or vice versa
  6. Happened Before Last Patch and its still a thing. Its happening more now though
  7. When Im swapping between Primary weapon and knife while doing multiple actions, Run, gun, jump, prone, I sometimes get this bug where my M4 locks in position as shown in the screenshot and I cant do anything about it. Its happened a few times now and I know other ppl are having this issue. This happens as a Medic and Its happened to me before as a Rifleman swapping between 203s and trying to fire my primary weapon.
  8. For the most part there is always just 1 server populated unless squad matches are going on. If your server is populated ppl are going to join it if theres nothing else. Ive gone out of my way now to avoid playing in your server to "help" the cause but I cant do that everytime. If I want to play and your server is the only one up im going to join it.
  9. BCU can have 10-15 players but as soon as BoF has a player in it, your server dies instantly because of the decisions you make.
  10. Its a rough way to approach it Bulldog and kind of makes you look bad, as servers are limited and so is the playerbase atm. There will always be better players than you and that goes to everyone. Choosing to remove better players from your server when its the only one populated at times doesnt look professional on your end is all im saying.
  11. Having more Enclosed and unique Buildings like "Bad Beat" for the zone will help and force ppl to play zone as well if they want to clear it.
  12. With the Reset timer for zone no longer being 15 secs, its also harder for the "casual" players to hold the zone if they are up against higher skilled players. So Ive also noticed ppl playing like its TDM until the last 5 mins of map and then trying to "hold" the zone. Where as before on some maps holding the zone to win was much easier. But also alot of these maps are "open" around the zone which provides players more opportunities to play the outside and hold angles which might explain why not "everyone" plays for zone. You also dont need every player on your team playing the zone.
  13. Everything is down right now @Xplode
  14. There is an update being rolled out as we speak! Once that's all done things will be back to normal.