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  1. Been playing the new version on BCU and W@W servers. A few times i've lost connection with the server, looks like it happens after I've been killed. Back on the lobby screen, it takes some time for any servers to appear, and i cant rejoin the server. It takes a game restart and/or waiting a few mins to be able to get back in. https://streamable.com/mqkrre
  2. After shooting/or a reload, the scope goes to the side of the gun and looks a bit weird.
  3. Nice, its been reported a few times before
  4. I never had this problem before the latest update. It's really annoying.
  5. I've had a few of these errors, seemingly random. attached my logs for cross reference, I noticed that the directory paths in the exception message don't exist on my PC., d:\unrealengine-release\engine\source\ Crashes.zip
  6. Hi Team, I noticed that when i heal a teammate who is injured (yellow or red) that the message says that i have killed him.
  7. Hi Team, I:d like to join the beta testing team, i like the concept of this game and want to support it as much as possible to get it off the ground. I work in IT and have experience testing applications , though not gaming related.
  8. @Kattoor , understood, thanks!
  9. Hi Kawasaki , Had some trouble joining the W@W server this evening. i get this message when trying to join, i was able to join other servers.