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  1. That looks great. I'm stoked to mess around with the new Eddie. Having some issues.
  2. They are working on a lot of things at once. We all know the AI isn’t great yet. You should join the discord channel or check when they schedule calendar events to play against us in multiplayer. The game is still in a pre-release version so give it some time before labeling it a lemon.
  3. I’m not a royale fan. It’s trendy. You know the difference between KOTH and battle royale? Government legislation. Rather than choosing to be there they make it so you have to be. (and with nothing where you have to scavenge just to have supplies at all) Changes the game completely for the worse. But seriously, I didn’t mean battle royale. I probably shouldnt have even used that word. I meant more of a KOTH/TKOTH with the added element/enjoyment of getting to take off in a vehicle and shoot at whoever wasn’t lucky enough to make it for pickup while trying not to blow up from a salt
  4. "Team Extraction" AKA "Team Dust Off" *TKOTH setup, but with 2 zones/sites spread a bit away from each other. By design, neither zone is particularly easier for one team to hold. Blue and Red team spawn opposite of each other on the map. Players get one life per round. Each team tries to dominate a zone, clashes occur. (When you spawn each round you get the teammate VOIP chatter "Everybody go (B)!") Extraction vehicle(s) (Boat, plane, heli, AAV, humvee) choose the zone with the highest density of a single team + amount of time in zone calculation. Rounds are
  5. I remember the learning curve for that. Maybe it’s written online somewhere, but it took a lot of trial and error to get choppers and vehicle’s to do what you want. I never made any COOP maps so I probably never even mastered it honestly. What an excellent series DF was. So ahead of its time.
  6. SLM! The new monitor I just picked up has a button that puts an EOTech style reticle on the center of the screen. Only $150 from Amazon. AOC, 144mhz, 1ms, 1080p, 3 year dead pixel warranty. Great value so far.
  7. Good to see some support for the snipers on here. Make sure you join the Discord channel. Also, if you haven’t tried all the maps in practice, Viper’s Den is the best for sniping bots so far. Good for about 300-400 meters. Welcome, and make sure you check the calendar here for multiplayer events since the servers aren’t populated all the time yet.
  8. Yeah the complaints about snipers vs the difficulty seems to offset. I like sniper semi-realism of not knowing where the stuff is coming from. A muzzle flash in desert sun would be hard to see. We aren’t using muskets so the shots are smokeless. But as an opponent you get to respawn and tackle the situation like Carlos Hathcock and outsmart the guy who is just lobbing shots. They already adjusted the player skins to stand out against the environment more. But hell I’d be up for chillin suits and better camo, myself.
  9. I played Battlefield 4 and so I know how nice it is to spawn on friendlies and stay in the action. That would make it impossible to get rid of a squad of snipers out in the dunes though. From my reading on here people have a lot of complaints about snipers already.
  10. Is that an idea being kicked around? Respawning on teammates? As long as the PSP would remain a part of the game. The instantaneous, run-through spawn point to turn the tide. Loved that.
  11. I sure agree with that. Just having a big machine gun and a rocket launcher has a lot of impact. Counter-Strike Source has been a people’s favorite for almost 2 decades and it’s as simple as can be. Overcomplicating things can turn people off.
  12. Really similar terms there. What I was trying to frame was the idea that a competitive or collective role-based effort through squads/unique classes creates an environment where players have to be more involved and less casual. I wouldn’t call these ideas I’m trying to represent complementary. A game I used to love was Team Fortress 2, before all the freemium changes. You could sort of play that game seriously or casually, but it was at the cost of the team, not your personal scoring potential how you decided to pursue objectives because it required participation of different roles. When TFE g
  13. That’s a lot to chew at one time. The issues you’re pointing out here are the contrasting ideas of squad gameplay and less squad related gameplay, as well as realism vs arcade, and Delta Force vs call of duty/Battlefield. I’m a way bigger fan of squad team work to accomplish an objective rather than everyone reviving each other and everyone being able to have anyone else’s weapons. With any small alteration to a class there is a butterfly effect throughout everything. I’ll always say draw from the DFBHD gameplay as much as possible. Add some frills and options. But try not to be Bat
  14. Babushka knitted you a claymore warmer! That’s love.
  15. I recently did that walkthrough on Codecademy. Props to you guys doIng it day to day. Is much C++ done with this game or is it all unity or python or what? I’ve been very curious about how to get deeper than just making maps and stuff.