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  1. Venom


    Headshot dat you?
  2. Tough one... As one of those that tends to shoot high, this happens in every game I've ever played, it's just the way I've always aimed in an FPS. I know headshots kill faster and that's been my mentality behind it since Black Hawk Down. As several have stated, there's numbers of us from competitive backgrounds where headshots were always a thing. With us typically only have 1 server populated (typically TKOTH), I feel people play it however they want rather than focusing on the objective.
  3. This has been a constant problem for me. (Nearly every game). I can't go on a building without looking like a damn lighthouse.
  4. I've seen this happen more often as of recent.
  5. Thanks for stopping by, always good to see people drop in from the old titles. Look forward to seeing you in game. 🙂
  6. Looks like the texture clipping if I had to guess @RJS_lllama loves you
  7. Happy New Year!! Be safe and enjoy your holidays.
  8. At the current state of development of TFE.... this shouldn't be already happening. Hope it gets resolved.
  9. If I didn't have an HOA I'd have a guard llama for sure...
  10. I'm sure it'll be a great addition. Unfortunately I have work this weekend, but hope you all enjoy it.