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  1. The server controller shows a different IP than the static IP given by my ISP
  2. Yes I was logged into steam and I did open the ports in my router for Steam TCP/UDP 27015-27020 TSTFE_Lobbies TCP/UDP 27070-27080 Unreal_Engine TCP/UDP 7777-7790 TSTFE_MasterServer TCP/UDP 1111
  3. Shows the Battle room created successfully, but it does not show up in the lobby. What could I be missing?
  4. Red Dog


    For some reason if I die in the squat or prone position and then respawn I move as slow as if I was still in the squat or prone position even with a knife in my hand. I have to hit the key for the squat or pron position then the upright position to move at full speed. I do not know if something is wrong in my settings
  5. Which would would better Ubuntu or Kubuntu?
  6. Nation of Snipers are a great bunch of guys
  7. All of the games mentioned are classics. I still host a server for the Joint Operations International Conflict and the International Conflict Europe Mods. As for the Delta Force Xtreme 2 game, there is a Mod called called Black Ops which is quite enjoyable.
  8. Weekends evenings work best for me. I am in the United States Central Time zone
  9. I would like to sign up to be a QA Tester and Official map maker. I have over 10 years of experience with making CoOp, DM,TDM,TKOTH maps for Joint Operations (including mods) and Delta Force Xtreme 2 (including the Black Ops Mod) Black River.rar Air Corral.rar