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  1. Servertools: Server restart serveral times a day And each time, it has deleted Automatic Message. (This started after last/2nd last update) EDIT: Half fix ..verify the integrity of game files 2nd times it reduced the restart to 4-10 times of a day 🙂 EDIT again: Now I verify the integrity of game files 3rd times... First time 0 probs. 2nd 12 files probs. 3rd time 9 files probs its like somthing eat/corrupt the files??? Automatic Message dont work. The messages do not appear in the window and you have to edit / paste it in the config file every time server restart. Disa
  2. Sometimes all map other times there can be 2 in a row then skip 1-2 map and then again. Seems random when it occurs
  3. I do not know if it has been reported as I have not seen it or others complain about it... But the zone time does not appear / count nor the number of players in the zone.
  4. In the middle of a game and game closed.... two times in a row.
  5. Nvidia ShadowPlay...
  6. Equal children play best 🙂 For me, it's not about some doing a lot of HS or being High skills player It's the way they play against other lowend players. And sorry to say it is not high skill player that makes server popular It is the number of players and you feel you are welcome and can participate in the game. And not... die spawn, die spawn die spawn all the time by a high skills player in the base or just outside base while you can see the zone is ALWAYS empty. Why do such players not play TDM? it is due to several more easy kills in a TKOTH when others try to play for or enter th
  7. I see peps with 100% HS out of 30 kills If I shoot after HS I can also get up to 80% it is not quite so difficult if one aims over their head every time. Only thing for me if i aim for HS i die more...
  8. No hay probllama... vamos a escupir la palabra española a finales de 2046🤪😁
  9. It would be nice to get rid of that Steam Sh %% ¤? !!% t 😁 It would be cool if Server Tools in Windows could also be without Steam as it is in the Linux version?
  10. First ... shoot a bot does not count on stats (of course not) but get shot by a bot counter on stats🤥 why? If I play on my own server or another "private" server with stats running. Will stats be counted locally on my game but not on https://tfe.gg/stats/ If I do nothing after finishing map all stats will be lost. if I just after joiner an official server and play a map all the way to the end (not leave in the middel off a map) xp points from my previous game / "private server" will be counted but not killed stats ect. But right now it seems like no kills are being registered by me a
  11. And not only that .. I also experience some are in the lobby while playing on another server. So get kicked from lobby after 1-2 min. will be ok nobody need to stay there longer. They can always join again .