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  1. Hey everyone, we know there are some issues occurring that we are working to resolve. These include: Certain official EU servers not appearing in browser Performance issues (micro-stutters), which typically occur after 18+ players join a server Knife intermittently not working General connection issues Various minor defects We have a patch inbound that is scheduled to resolve these issues. Details: Servers not appearing in browser are isolated to certain servers in a specific region. We're disabling these servers for the time being to ensure all pla
  2. Hey @VIp3r.- though we do plan to add “Newcomer” servers, where higher level players can’t join them, it’s not built out yet - so that doesn’t factor in to what’s going on here. To help us narrow in on the problem, can you let us know the name and region of the server that you’re able to see (since there’s more than one official TKOTH server)? I’ve gone ahead and opened a ticket, and our full stack dev is looking into it. Thanks!
  3. Hey @taiwanPower which operating system are you hosting your server on? These guides feature the ports you need to open to host your server. Windows server tool hosting guide Linux server tool hosting guide Let us know if these don’t solve your problems, and we’ll work with you to resolve 🙂
  4. Hey Hurricane, A few buffs for the sniper rifles are in the works for a future patch. We're planning to playtest the following: Players can move with the M21 scoped (Trello card) Players cannot move with the .50 Cal and L96 when aiming down the sights, but kills with these rifles will become mortally-wounding (Trello card) We may also playtest the ability to aim down the sight with the .50 Cal and L96. We just transitioned our roadmap to Trello if you're interested in seeing the other features that are in the works for the game. We're still working to finish porting
  5. Thanks lllama! Also - can you all share what your pings were? Did this ever happen when knifing a completely static target?
  6. Thanks for the report, everyone - it is our dev's top priority to resolve right now.
  7. Good suggestion! We'll add it to the backlog. In the meantime, FYI, you can individually message players. To do so: 1.) Navigate to "Lobbies," and right click a player in your lobby 2.) Type your message, then click "Send" 3.) The player receives the private message from "SYSTEM"
  8. This guide will walk you through the “Single Machine” server type for Windows, which is the recommended method for hosting on a home network. Please Note: It is recommended to host the server on a machine running Windows 10. The machine running your server should be capable of running the game on High settings. For performance purposes, it is not recommended to play on the same machine you host on. (i.e. Best practice includes hosting the server on a dedicated machine). If you decide to host and play on the same machine, it is advisable to start your server
  9. Just a quick update here: Jake addressed the decal issue back in August, which resolved this performance problem for many players. Now, after a Windows 10 update last week, I have suddenly begun to experience it! Now that one of the team members is able to replicate this issue, it will help in our resolution of it 🙂
  10. Thanks for the feedback everyone- we will make sure this is all passed onto the team and reviewed during internal discussions. Also, to clarify: The slower Medic speed is getting tested in an upcoming beta session to see how it plays before it would be rolled into production (as always, feel free to sign up here to become a beta tester) We'll probably conduct a second test session where Assault, Sniper, and Gunner are sped up to be closer to the current Medic speed (slightly speeding up the other classes could indeed have a positive impact on overall gameplay) We intend to ke
  11. Hey everyone, I want to rekindle this thread, because the ideas and discussion are excellent. The team internally discusses how to evolve without straying too far from the old school roots that are the bedrock of TS:TFE's gameplay, and we love reading discussions like these to consider new viewpoints and ideas we haven't yet considered. We tend to approach tweaks by gradually introducing changes to ensure we can identify which updates are affecting the meta: if gameplay speeds up or slows down, if one class becomes more powerful than another, etc. Certainly, the Medic class is
  12. Hey @KRULL thanks for the feedback. The medic timer is configurable by the server host and can be set to 120 seconds in custom lobbies. I’ll make sure the team discusses raising the official servers’ medic timer values.
  13. Love it!! Way to go, @Kattoor! Can’t wait to see the finished product. 🙂
  14. Hey all, thanks as always for the thoughtful feedback - this thorough, well-articulated and actionable feedback is immensely helpful for the devs, and the timing is great. You all may have noticed we've begun improving sounds in the last update (mostly polish-related effects, like new material effect sounds for rounds hitting sand vs. concrete, improving the "bass" of certain weapons for fuller, more powerful sounds, etc.). Next, we're going to begin improving the effects of long-distance gunshots. We will make sure to review all above feedback as we continue to build out our backlog for
  15. Thanks for the feedback all. Some notes: We're going to make performing a revive faster in the upcoming patch. (@Lost, I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the updated revive mechanic in terms of how it meshes with your desire to revive, then flick up to return to action.) @lllama is correct, skilled medics can indeed perform a revive while at a full-speed run. (I personally haven't tried while leaning- but I'm pretty sure that is also possible! Will check for myself soon.) Eventually, downed players will be able to call for medics. We are in the process of writing scr