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  1. RJS_YP

    =BoF= vs cZn

    =BoF= vs cZn
  2. RJS_YP

    =BoF= vs AEON

    =BoF= vs AEON
  3. RJS_YP

    =BOF= vs MFH

    =BOF= vs MFH
  4. Una Cerveza por favor.... its still the only thing i can in spanish hahahaha so i dont get what your typing 😃 haha
  5. Una Cerveza por favor..... hahaha thats about that
  6. RJS_YP

    Aeon vs <BOTs>

    Aeon vs <BOTs> streams will be up from both teams.. look at discord channels for info
  7. RJS_YP

    =BoF= vs cV

    =BoF= vs cV in TKOTH
  8. almost the same... My setup is 400 allways.. i never change... i have my elevation on keys on keyboard becuse i never use it,, i set it on 400 in start off map and then i never use the key.. im pretty bacis on my set up... and i never aim for the head specific... its the minor target compared to full body.. and i dont care about hs stats.. the times i do aim is when i know there are a medic close by.... i could do a longer decription about sniping in TFE/BHD etc but.. yeeh maybe someday
  9. if i could do the sniper thing i would write a comment but im a neeb on it...
  10. RJS_YP

    BetaTest Session

    Hi everyone! We're back to beta testing! We'll be starting to test the early work for Early Access 4.0 this Sunday, at 7pm UK / 8pm CET / 2pm EST for a session where we will test the following: NEW VEHICLE SYSTEM CLAN MATCH SYSTEM SPECTACTOR MODE NEW MAP INSURGENCY TAKEDOWN . Please signup on the forum. We'll be having limited slots and the server will be password protected (in order to test the clan match system). :
  11. i have the same problem but mine started yesterday i think.. the *rubberband* effect.. its very randomly but i feel like it is in the beginning of the maps i have the problems..
  12. i have the some thing.. but is allowing me al tab out sometimes when im alive..
  13. almost to white insided the buildings.. i like the furnetures though