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  1. Starting up with a new map in the making... was thinking if anyone is intressted come join me in the official Discord to watch and bring some ideas along the way.. im new to this kinda stuff so any advice would be helpsome..
  2. RJS_YP

    =BoF= vs cZn

    =BoF= vs cZn
  3. RJS_YP

    =BoF= vs AEON

    =BoF= vs AEON
  4. RJS_YP

    =BOF= vs MFH

    =BOF= vs MFH
  5. Una Cerveza por favor.... its still the only thing i can in spanish hahahaha so i dont get what your typing 😃 haha
  6. Una Cerveza por favor..... hahaha thats about that
  7. RJS_YP

    Aeon vs <BOTs>

    Aeon vs <BOTs> streams will be up from both teams.. look at discord channels for info
  8. RJS_YP

    =BoF= vs cV

    =BoF= vs cV in TKOTH
  9. almost the same... My setup is 400 allways.. i never change... i have my elevation on keys on keyboard becuse i never use it,, i set it on 400 in start off map and then i never use the key.. im pretty bacis on my set up... and i never aim for the head specific... its the minor target compared to full body.. and i dont care about hs stats.. the times i do aim is when i know there are a medic close by.... i could do a longer decription about sniping in TFE/BHD etc but.. yeeh maybe someday
  10. if i could do the sniper thing i would write a comment but im a neeb on it...
  11. RJS_YP

    BetaTest Session

    Hi everyone! We're back to beta testing! We'll be starting to test the early work for Early Access 4.0 this Sunday, at 7pm UK / 8pm CET / 2pm EST for a session where we will test the following: NEW VEHICLE SYSTEM CLAN MATCH SYSTEM SPECTACTOR MODE NEW MAP INSURGENCY TAKEDOWN . Please signup on the forum. We'll be having limited slots and the server will be password protected (in order to test the clan match system). :
  12. i have the same problem but mine started yesterday i think.. the *rubberband* effect.. its very randomly but i feel like it is in the beginning of the maps i have the problems..
  13. i have the some thing.. but is allowing me al tab out sometimes when im alive..