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  1. I am a map maker, I would like to help out. Most maps I made was for the Delta Force series. All the maps I made in the past are gone, they all died when I built a new computer years ago.
  2. Yes you are correct, for some reason (but I have my suspicions) I feel that TFE has given in to the .01% of players that have complained about the gamming style of TFE. Personally I think they need to go back to playing there favorite game of Counter Strike and or that similar style of gaming of guns only and no real tactics of warfare. BHD back in the day was a great game for what the technology allowed, and I'm sure they had a budget too, and it was based off of real combat that is a part of our history in the armed forces, Nova Logic tossed in all they could to make it as real as possible
  3. Name says it all, Im on around 4pm to midnight.
  4. I want to throw this out there to see if anyone would like to have a little more weapon selection as I do, the primary guns we have are good, in fact they are very good, even down to the details and sounds that are getting better with each release. I don't want you to think that I'm looking for a Russian , American or foreign wars selection only, but to have a few more options to give the diehard players that really do love there guns. Personally I have been to Russia and went shooting with some of my Russian buddies, and believe me they where gun nuts like most Americans I know, here are a f
  5. Personally I can not answer all the questions about the maps in the survey, I can not remember each map by name, so I can not grade each map that also requires an answer. If there was a screen shot of each map and its name I would have a answer for the questions.
  6. I been working on this for 4 months to get it back to race ready, unfortunately I will not be racing it any longer, it will be up for sale at a local motorcycle dealership in my area. I have had this bike sense new in 91 and it has probably eaten about 15 grand in parts over the years.
  7. Now that its complete, I can dedicate more time to shootemup! and help find bugs to get this game rolling.