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  1. I could've swore that there was another Delta Force title that was in development but was scrapped; however, the one I'm thinking of was either the Delta Force 2 era or Land Warrior/Task Force Dagger era. Although I remember when Land Warrior was initially called "Delta Force 3" in beta previews, but they dropped the number later on.
  2. To feed off his post, I also wanted to point out that a program called OnTarget helps with balistics and grouping. It's usually free, from what I remember. It has been around since the '90s so the layout is a bit basic yet still useful. Personally I only used it for my 6mm at 1k yards, but, it supports multiple options as well.
  3. Angel Falls, an absolute classic! I never played any of the JO games. I guess they can be considered spin-offs. I see their servers are still populated, on par with BHD's numbers.
  4. Obviously, we all know that Delta Force is a big influence on Task Force Elite. And probably 90% of the people here played them. With that being said, from best-to-worst, how would you rank the Delta Force titles? The expansions (Task Force Dagger/Team Sabre) and console one-off (Urban Warfare) is not included. In my personal opinion... 1. Delta Force 2 (it improved on the original, and smoothed out any faults or issues) 2. Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (the classic that everyone loves, it was innovative in so many ways) 3. Delta Force: Land Warrior (although not a vast im
  5. I think it's a great idea. It would diversify the pistols. I was also hoping for more sidearms to be implemented at some point. The fully automatic military Glock (G-17? 18? 19? can't remember). Maybe a silenced 9mm for stealth (easy to implement, slightly tweak the current model, and add a new sound). Etc.
  6. Whenever possible, I usually choose Gunner. It seems to be the least-used, and I like to balance the games a bit. I think your rankings are spot on. But I'd like to see this from a DM or TDM perspective. Especially DM.