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  1. This evening I was playing a TKOTH map CQB Stronghold. A blue player came over to the red spawn point and kept using the red ammo cache. The player received spawn armor each time he pulled a weapon from the cache on the red side. Doesn't seem quite right. I think it's a bug.
  2. Looking forward to this major update hitting the streets!
  3. Extremely excited for this map... we have a few BCU folks who CAN NOT stop going after outposts/spawn points... it's just their nature which drives them to pursue these things...likely will bode well for their future play..... visuals in the shared screen shots look really great!!!
  4. Hi RJS, 1. Happy New Year 2. The BCU server is not allowing people to join and play at the moment. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide to get the BCU server up and running. V/r Matt
  5. Right now BCU server is back up and running .... Thanks!!!
  6. Currently unable to access the BCU server to play games. I keep getting "There was an error during connection to the game" ..... I have been trying for ~one hour.
  7. In the zone area there is a seam in the center support arch. The above link shows several screen shoots I took today. I doubt this was intentional but I don't know enough to understand if this is something that should be fixed or ??
  8. "A killer llama from outer space crash lands on Earth and begins reigning havoc on a group of unsuspecting college partiers" .....perhaps this movie is the inspiration behind the SKY GARDEN map???? sparkly green "grass"...brightly colored mushrooms and cloud elevators...oh my oh my...COLLEGE PARTIERS indeed
  9. Hello all..... 1) I was confused about "when" the game officially started. There were a couple of instances where a "practice period" was announced in-game but when the actual competition period began was unclear for me.. perhaps I missed an important in-game announcement because the text always scrolls away too fast for an old and slow dude like me. 2) Clear rules of engagement need to be established well before hand and when the rules are violated those who are responsible need to be quickly penalized and publicly admonished for violating rules of engagement. 3) I did not lik
  10. Hoorah.... gotta get some practice if I ever wish to be ready for this one
  11. Wow.... that could pose a serious issue when the game takes off in popularity.... we must know Who is Who in the Zoo.
  12. Just a few moments ago... I was in the GB TKOTH server... player named Pain found me hiding and surprised me with a knife attack.. I am really sure he was hitting me and should have killed me easily but I was undamaged and ended up shooting him with my M4.
  13. I hear what you are saying and I think there are some cases of the Star Wars franchise being over hyped... but honestly Mandalorian is a great side story and this series has been filmed/scripted well.
  14. Who is a fan? Season 2 episode one is now on DisneyPlus... [If you've not seen The Mandalorian and you are even remotely interested in Star Wars...then you MUST watch season one]
  15. I have experienced the same issue across many updates. I am glad to know that I am not the only one, kinda thought I had bad equipment somehwere or I was just plain crazy. I first experienced this with an M60 and at the time thought it was just a jam (weapon malfunction like a double feed). I have since experienced this with the M4/203 and the M21. Quite random and extremely annoying when it happens at a critical moment.