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  1. I have Issues with my Razer Deathadder v2 Scrollmouse (Mouse is a few days old). Here are my Issues. I have the game settings set to use scrollmouse to scroll the weapons, but it doesn't do anything, neither did my old Logitech G400 (ancient, I know, but never let me down). I can not zoom in/out of sniper scopes at all (but with my old G400 I could). I cannot bind anything on the settings to work with Scroll up/Scroll down. All it does is scroll the settings screen after left clicking to set a bind. I use Scroll click to crouch in settings but when I click the scrollmouse I crouch and at the same time, fire whatever weapon I'm using. I know that people may think it's something happening at my end but it isn't. I have tested this with another FPS that I use to play a lot of (Insurgency Sandstorm) and scrollmouse is working 100% with that game, so it has to be an Issue with TFE. Can someone please look into this because it is really turning me off playing lately and hindering my gameplay in a massive way. I even tried uninstalling the game and re-downloading it again but still the same is happening. I have the latest Windows 10 update and drivers too.
  2. Yeah! I've just gone and brought a 10 slot server from 4P and without a ranking system or map making tools to make good maps, it's pretty pointless for squads because the majority of players in TFE go for the statted servers like RJS or Fingers crossed that the stats get fixed soon. Also, what is the latest on the Server Admin Tool that is being worked on? Squad servers will require this to run a smooth ship in my experience.
  3. How about putting some mini-guns mounted on the Heli too?
  4. Pinch Me ๐Ÿคช Those Up & Comings are the life for me.... Can't wait! for Map Making. Gives this 'Old Codger' something to do ๐Ÿ‘
  5. Thanks for the update @RJS_Psycho
  6. I was thinking the same. It's always nice to know what's been updated/fixed. This seems to be the norm these Days for most games. Will this be happening in the future of TFE?
  7. Is there any reason why I can't pm anyone on here? I also have no option to send likes/loves etc. Also, are members set up to give reputation? I can't. I'm guessing this is RJS_llama's Department. BTW. Congratulations! Guys & Gals on Joining the RJS Team ๐Ÿค˜
  8. I totally agree with Dead Kennedys above. You guys must be working your socks off but your biggest plus point for me is that you keep The Community Informed of any changes/updates. p.s. @RJS_Psycho Steam update was only 3.9GB, is this the correct update?
  9. Hoorah! and Nice work RJS. I can't wait to use the G3 once again. It was a blast in BHD.
  10. I agree, that the G3 would be a really good addition to the game. Loved it in BHD.
  11. Many Thanks for this Psycho. It really does make more sense. Just a few text changes in the Php coding of the CMS will fix that buddy ๐Ÿ‘
  12. Am I the only person who thinks 'CLUBS' needs a rename. It makes it sound like we are joining a Library Club or a Racing Club. Can I suggest renaming it to something more appropriate to the game. How About one of these SQUADS TEAMS CLANS TROOPS If anyone has any better names than this, please reply to this post and hopefully RJS will listen and get it changed.