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  1. Creed

    Gun skins

    Are all the skins based on rank? I got one for the pistol the other day.
  2. Spawn armor at PSPs I can agree, should go. But medded spawn armor, I think should stay. At the very least maybe turned down a little. It's not hard to take out a group of meds. I played a game tonight where Tyrian killed a group of 3 of us(all meds) on his own.
  3. I've been periodically getting "Failed to join session" but it still puts me in the game. Growing pains.
  4. I am old lol it's been a long time. And my memory isn't what it once was. I could be wrong on that. I just seem to remember them taking off on their own.
  5. I am NA, CST. Times may vary due to kids and whatnot but I am usually on after 8pm cst.
  6. Can we maybe have choppers on a timer rather than having them take off only if someone is in there? For example, let it lift off after a min(just tossed out a number) when it lands each time. That way, it keeps people guessing. Is there someone in there? Or is it just doing its run? If I am not mistaken, that is how it was in BHD? Also, a small cosmetic suggestion. What about tossing in a couple invulnerable bots or something in the seats? Just to make it a bit more real than a chopper flying on it's own.
  7. When joining a game, sometimes I get an error that says it failed to connect, but it still puts me in the game.