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  1. No you just have to login to steam on both computers, . You should be able to use steam on both computers.
  2. Yes You can run a dedicated server, but you have to have "Steam" installed on the machine, and be "logged into Steam" on that machine as well .
  3. Report: Audio will crash (No Sound) at random while playing TFE, this has happened on (Bank Crash several times), and (Sky Garden once) Audio loss in TFE, and Windows while playing TFE. No warning, crash report, or error dump. Just sudden loss of sound. PC must be restarted to regain sound. Notes: No other game or program causes this sudden loss of audio on my PC This is before and after a complete reformat reinstall of Windows 10 Reporting this as a bug as I have had this issue approx. 5 times in 2-1/2 months since I've owned the game. This does not happen all time,
  4. Sign me up. and thank you so much....
  5. Just curious why spectator is disabled? or does it even work? I have not tried it yet, but wanted to today, and it was not allowed on US2.
  6. I thought you were hacking to. Playing against you, cause you weren't taking damage from my multiple headshots. hit markers galore. Actually made me rage quit the game. lol.... After reading this post I feel kind of bad for thinking that. LOL.
  7. Actually this is using 2 different machines. 1. for server 2. for playing the game. I can launch the server without steam from within the directory, but steam must be running, and logged in Is there no way to use SteamCMD.exe logged in as anonymous ? instead of SteamClient logged in with my account? Thanks.
  8. I have tried everything. The only way the server will work is login to steam and start the server. Another issues is when you logged into steam from another computer with the server running you cannot log into steam and play the game on you other computer. I found a workaround that is not ideal, you must login to steam, but DO NOT launch the server from within steam. You must launch the server by browsing to the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TaskForceEliteDedicatedServer\communitytools" and clicking on the file "servermanager.exe" other wise
  9. For some reason I cannot get the server to show in the list running on dedicated machine. Does it need to be launched from Steam? I installed via SteamCMD , also tried copying from steam apps to dedicated machine. No issue running in steam. Launching via Steam works fine. even in custom Steam Library Perhaps I'm missing some parameters or authentication?
  10. This file is irrelevant as steam is required. But will be when SteamCMD is able to be used instead of Steam This is the .bat file I use to download & install game servers to a dedicated machine. you need only download Steamcmd, and edit the .bat file STEAMLOGIN=USERNAME PASSWORD or leave anonymous, and edit directories respectively. it will download and install the server to that directory. And you will not need to install steam. If you have authentication setup with Steam you need to put in your code to login to Steamcmd Update-Download.bat @echo off @rem http: