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  1. This was found by @Kimbo / Apex / .pX brought up in discord. In game leader boards, when you search by player it always displays the official server stats, even if you are in the community or global pages. Only way to view the individual stats is by scrolling through the list and finding your name on the respective page.
  2. Sorry, for got about this post. I had given up on linux. Started playing The Forest and put a server up for it, which was windows only so my linux needs changed. Now my linux box was converted over to Windows for live streaming at my church so i don't have a linux box at the moment. Also enough people are getting it to work that I'm attributing it to using Centos verses Ubuntu or Debian. My lobby issue was due to not having all the port listed correctly in the setup guide. IcI
  3. @RJS_Psycho If only default terrain and default assets are used, any idea what the map file size would be? And would it matter how many assets are in the map?
  4. What kind of meta data can designers fill out and is it stored in the map file? For example, for BHD, the map name, map designer and other general information is in the bms file. Due to that, I was able to come up with a Perl script that provided real time listing of maps in my server, giving the name and designer. One meta data I would like to see is a field that a designer could type something in as a unique identifier for the map. The file name may change over time or as it gets passed around, but the identifier would only change if the map maker changed it. This could be used as a
  5. I would love to beta test the map maker. I have extensive experience with the BHD map editor, and am over 18 😄 IcI
  6. Kicking from the lobby works, 15 seconds may be a bit short though. Barely gives you time to see who is in the server decide which side to join. But, we still have the issue of players being afk while in server. Tonight we had one that stood there for 4 hours or so. IcI
  7. Log into account on server first, then start TFE server. You can then log into steam on your gaming computer to log into TFE. Steam will log out on the dedicated server. You have to be logged into steam on the server when ever you start/restart lobbies. IcI
  8. if you have windows firewall enabled, you will also need to enable the server software / open ports in that. Simple test would be to disable the windows firewall for now. What is the name of your server?
  9. If you have it enabled in the game properties in your steam library.
  10. GTX 1050 TI - on low settings I can reach 100 FPS. - but from what I have been reading you also have to take monitor into account. Need a faster refresh rate to take advantage of those extra FPS. I only have a 60Hz monitor.
  11. @Red Dog make sure all ports are open. Make sure you are logged into steam when creating the lobbies.
  12. All servers that have stats running are counted on RJS's servers - stats are split into 3 groups: Official, Community and Global. I don't know which stats tfe.gg uses, I would guess since it was running before the split in game and stats were fixed for community servers that it is only listing official server stats. As to your other stat issues. Sounds like a bug. I don't pay enough attention to my stats to know if any thing is going on like you are describing.
  13. I figured out last night that if when i reach the top of the ladder I don't try to walk forward while getting off the ladder, I don't glitch into the building. @Warrior Love your fly in the sig.... mind if I steal your idea with a twist?