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  1. Some times when I alt-tab I'll even see a previous game scene - like if I'm in a server playing, alt-tab may display the server lobby
  2. When running game in full screen mod, TFE refuses to relinquish control of the screen back to the desktop. You can bring up other windows, that will sit on top of the game screen, but you can't view the desktop. The way I have to do it now is use window's task view, then select one of the virtual desktops.
  3. I don't know what problems you guys were facing, and yes the api documentation is confusing. The end point isn't listed under the api documentation, except in the area requiring a publishers key, yet https://api.steampowered.com/IGameServersService/GetServerList/v1/?key=<yourkeyhere>&filter=\appid\1148810 gives me a server list. Replace <yourkeyhere> with your steam api key. And I don't have a publisher key Just with out server names. The server name is instead the steam session ID and I haven't found any way to convert that id into a name. Except to cross reference it with
  4. The game server list API is not showing any community servers - Same for TFETools.gg (I'm assuming it is getting the list from the api). Steam API is showing 17 servers In game (as of typing this at 3:11am EST) there are 14 servers - missing 3 could be related to improper configuration/starting with out steam But TFETools.gg and the API only show 8. IcI
  5. Either that for he voted for TextBlock ๐Ÿ˜„ But yeah, I have noticed this also. Been happening since the fix for my bug report about being able to control which map gets played. IcI
  6. Any image requirements for this to work? We have been tickling @RJS_GusRu incessantly for the past 2 hours to get this working. He needs to breath but we won't stop until it works. One question was raised was image size - will TFE resize or do we need to resize it? @RJS_GusRu - I'm trying to get relief for you pal ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. So you are saying that is normal? It was the first time I have ever seen it, it was clear in the past. I asked a player who was with me if they were seeing it and they weren't. The one that appears messed up to me happens when Effects is set to extreme If it is normal, then cool. I just have not seen it any where before. IcI
  8. Thanks! Now to get my lazy clan leader to get to work ๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. I noticed in the change log about community managers able to global mute players. Could some one expand what this exactly means? I went in to the community manager tool for my server and tried to mute my self, but didn't see any option for it. With calling the servers hosted by players "community servers", the meaning of "community manager" gets convoluted - does "Community Managers" mean people like @RJS_KawasakiWAW? Or is this saying that I as the manager of my own community server (thus technically making me a Community Manager ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) have the ability to global mute in my own serve
  10. In game, the clan profile, the clan name is cut off near the clan tags. Also, how does the clan avatar work? I typed in the url to two different images, one a JPG and an other a PNG, clicked update and nothing happened. Screen shot shows both the clan name being cut off, and no logo being displayed. In looking at the profile, is CLAN needed next to the circled area? Seems better to replace CLAN with the clan name, and do away with the clan name being in brackets like it is now. Just a thought IcI
  11. I was able to join an other community server with no problems. Wondered if maybe it was my server name. Renamed it and rejoined, still crashed. I noticed in the crash text above that it taked about the dmplayercontroller.cpp - I switched my server to TKOTH from DM, and every thing loaded fine. So it appears something is going on with DM mode? or DM mode and Sniper Valley? IcI
  12. Updated to latest TFE available through steam, both server and client. Added token, my server shows up in lobby with yes for stats. Twice when trying to connect I got a crash dump. ++++++++++++++ LoginId:268c49e94ef4a135e1408fa0819f4b91 EpicAccountId:4416eb9ef21040b882c517d34670ffd7 Unhandled exception TaskForceElite_Win64_Shipping!ADMPlayerController::OnRep_PlayerState() [l:\taskforceelite\taskforceelite\source\taskforceelite\private\character\dmplayercontroller.cpp:60] TaskForceElite_Win64_Shipping!UFunction::Invoke() [l:\unrealengine-release\engine\source\runtime\co
  13. Is that a fix that will fix other cargo containers like it? I didn't check others to see if it exists.