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  1. Friday 13th!! looking forward to the update 👍
  2. Only seen this in the past 2 days, BCU server.
  3. For anyone else who is bad with names like me 😄
  4. awesome work. this is really good info for other map makers, we appreciate the effort👍
  5. the unreal engine scales very well, so is playable on low spec machines. screen res can play its part of course. think people are playing on geforce 1060s for sure around here. just the cost of gfx cards are a bit nuts at the moment.
  6. Wondered if that would affect the detection, or just a graphical glitch. Blizzard map, zone building.
  7. prime location one-way view :] but annoying as hell
  8. it would be awesome if you get the time, but there is no pressure, thanks 👍
  9. Great info, thank you. it seems like it was a lot of effort to figure that out, the result was worth it IMO 👍
  10. i really like the steps in the slopes, is there any issue with players getting stuck on those at all? @franekma
  11. very nice franekma, great job sculpting that, and some really nice details there
  12. Shows as Unreal Test! Friendly server names would be cool to if possible.
  13. Never noticed this before - see left and right edges