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  1. stop trying to talk me out of an upgrade πŸ˜„ haha the maps are gonna be nuts m8
  2. I noticed something similar @Bulldog1, not always people fighting for the zone anymore. Spawn may be surrounded by players however. (apologies for off topic)
  3. Appreciate the info, @RJS_Psycho, thanks. I just wondered if using no terrain would save any filesize, because I would see times it would not be required depending on what someone was making, so thanks for clarifying that. Wonder if not having a terrain would have any performance benefit (I don't know technical details like if stuff is loaded into memory or rendered even if not visible)? I just imagine some of the ridiculous stuff some are going to make haha πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ can't wait
  4. @RJS_Psycho Which is the biggest terrain in the game so far? the one with Abandoned Airbase seems pretty big, what's the dimensions? what dictates the filesize of the terrain? does it depend on how much detail there is i.e. huge terrain is always big file size? or could a tiny terrain with tons of detail be a huge filesize to? or are there just too many factors that play a part? Is there any difference in file size between using an existing terrain and not modifying it compared to a map that didn't use a terrain at all?
  5. finally i can justify buying a stupid amount of RAM, had a bit of a shock though that no where seems to stock any DDR3 for my system anymore πŸ˜• maybe i need to treat myself to an upgrade πŸ˜„
  6. Good Info, thanks. Some surprises there - install size! Looking forward to it
  7. the time is always a problem which is why i didn't ask before, but if i can figure the tool out somewhat then i can be useful in helping other people out hopefully.
  8. Hi, if there are any open spots left and it's not too late, i'd like to sign up. Made maps a long time ago for DF2, DFLW, DFTFD, DFBHD, mix of sp, coop, dm, tdm, koth, tkoth, fb. Made some custom terrains also for DFLW. Spent 99% time making maps and 1% in game. Help run a DF resource site based on the ability to make custom maps. Sharing maps, sharing knowledge, I made a couple of dozen tutorials / resources to help people on their way, and would like to continue along the same lines with TFE. managed to track down my maps, there is over 100 bms files plus all the different game t
  9. PANiC

    testing sig

    looks pretty good πŸ˜›
  10. i made a thing a while back for someone but sticking it here to help anyone do some big boy shooting looks weird that gap between the 2000 and 2300 but ive got 1 shot kills at both markers so what can i say. i'm guessing if you are aiming up or down makes a difference to, but you will have to work that out. this is just about getting you on target in a couple of shots rather than 10. i can't quite figure out 2800 and 2900, even aiming at the same target the shots can be off. i've also been moaning about 3600 and i cant see any bullet impacts further than that but i know that is wron
  11. yw, i'm happy to be corrected on anything, but it's all good to go i believe
  12. yeah u got it, it's a combination of all the timings (lower is faster), the one they focus on is the CAS latency. Ballistix 16-18-18-36 other is 22-22-22(-44??) or something they have missed a digit maybe. i can't remember all this stuff πŸ˜„ Yes i would have got the more expensive, better looking not that u ever see it memory πŸ˜„ it's not always the case, but with some laptops u can check all these settings and change them in the bios. but generally it will set it good enough to never worry about.
  13. You might want to see your fourth shot, but the guy is too keen and starts grabbing the next mag. πŸ™‚
  14. I don't think i can clear it up but had a quick look around I've not looked at stuff for a while so bear with me. finding the motherboard part number might be handy, maybe u can see it when you take off the ram cover or however you get at the ram. it's usually something like this format: 695760-001 So crucial sell a 32GB ram kit that runs at 3200 @ 1.2v The ballistix 32GB kit runs 3200 @1.35v The difference is the timings. I think 2 things might happen, 1 it runs at 3200 on slacker timings, 2 it runs at 2666 . If it was me then id have bought the ballistix, and if it ran a b