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  1. Slick

    Stats in TFE

    Ooooooh the medals! (BIG fan of those) Straight in the feels... I sure like the old way of displaying stats however this was 20 years from now. I think an evaluation with some old aspects as you suggest would be ideal!
  2. Hi all! Currently Slick, but who know how many nicknames i had in the old days, i was young and changed my alias a lot more then my underwear (jk... jk...) The names that sticked a bit longer were Earthquake (LW) BlackMask(TFD) Riot.(BHD) So yeah one of the oldschools like most of us. DF1 i played mainly on my fathers computer : Who always played as Grazy. Anyhow back to me. Born and raised in Amsterdam the Netherlands, proud father of a 2 year old daughter who is of course the most important thing in life! Hobbies: Gaming, F1, Football=Ajax (the real football, Yes i mean
  3. Awesome, followed on twitter now , didnt know we were live on all socials! Keep it up guys.