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  1. For people who never read something.
  2. This evening some people got this problem also. So timer and player count in zone not always work. For me it happend in airbaise before and some players toninght also the bug in airbase. Other maps i not seen it so far.
  3. This chest is called PiratesChest 😄
  4. Last evening zone timer stay at 0:00 when someone was in zone . I played whole map with it and never worked. Had to leave game and rejoin and then it worked for me. Dont know if this is fixed with small update from today.
  5. Yo, count me in plz. Made a lot maps in the past for DF games with the mapmaker. Dont have them to upload because its more then 15 year ago lol. Greetings from the one and only Brick who u u need for a good map 😛
  6. Like to see a big river in the middle and 3 Bridges to cross the river. Behind the bridges lots houses wit windows open for the sniper and olso possible to go on the roofs. Make the map Big. On the bridge cars and other sttuff to hide when getting fire. Make it for DM and TKOTH. Rest of the map some trees etc.