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  1. Also if you are on Discord and will have access to Eddie message me on Discord and I will add a role that will allow you access to the Eddie discussion Channel.
  2. well regardless Welcome 🙂 look forward to seeing you in game.
  3. I have noticed this too, its not all the time as it works after I die or after a game is over. But if I am alive it won't let me tab out to my other screen.
  4. Not sure what I have done to upset you. If you have a problem with me please take it to PM's.
  5. My in game name for Delta Force and Nova Games has been Killerbee or KB, there are a few other people that were big competitive that also had a similar name. we all knew each other and was fun little group. I started in DF1 in 1997 but didn't get heavy until DF2 which I played competitive. Squads of note I was in DEA*, ~ZW~, FI, EU. I moved to LW and TFD and played with RS3 and DEA*. Once BHD came out joined the Army and didn't get to play a ton anymore so while I played JO BHD and DFX I wasn't competitive. I became an Admin at Novahq with Panther, Matt, and Panic around 2005 and ha
  6. Since the Update I can't see the EU official servers anymore, I have refreshed and reinstalled. I know I am not the only one having this issue. Today about 10 people were in the EU servers and I couldn't even see the server. I have reported already but wanted to make an official post on the forums so others might see this issue as well.
  7. I 100% run back and forth when I snipe, but I always have to come to a stop in order to get a shot off.
  8. wondered when you would show up Tomkat. If there is room getting you a spot shouldn't be an issue.
  9. Like I said before its your server, if I agree or not it's your money that has been invested in it.