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  1. You can also see the Eddie-Discussion channel on discord where the map makers are discussing and testing out things in Eddie. the Community map makers were volunteers that signed up in on the forums for the 8 months the signup period was open. Both the map makers and the channel are open to view. if you have questions there are quite a few BCU members that have access to the early testing and many map makers on discord that like talking about eddie.
  2. Hey Eagle Long time! glad to see you are still around and hope to see you in game.
  3. Also if you are on Discord and will have access to Eddie message me on Discord and I will add a role that will allow you access to the Eddie discussion Channel.
  4. well regardless Welcome 🙂 look forward to seeing you in game.
  5. I have noticed this too, its not all the time as it works after I die or after a game is over. But if I am alive it won't let me tab out to my other screen.
  6. Not sure what I have done to upset you. If you have a problem with me please take it to PM's.
  7. My in game name for Delta Force and Nova Games has been Killerbee or KB, there are a few other people that were big competitive that also had a similar name. we all knew each other and was fun little group. I started in DF1 in 1997 but didn't get heavy until DF2 which I played competitive. Squads of note I was in DEA*, ~ZW~, FI, EU. I moved to LW and TFD and played with RS3 and DEA*. Once BHD came out joined the Army and didn't get to play a ton anymore so while I played JO BHD and DFX I wasn't competitive. I became an Admin at Novahq with Panther, Matt, and Panic around 2005 and have been at that site since then. I was active all around the community at DF chicks, DF barracks, DF Arena and many more. I help RJS team run the official Discord and jump on and play casual when I have time. My days of competitive are over with the little amount of time that I have. Present day I am a family man with 2 little kids, I am 37 and live in Kansas City, MO. I work as safety manager for a Infrared Scanning Company.
  8. Since the Update I can't see the EU official servers anymore, I have refreshed and reinstalled. I know I am not the only one having this issue. Today about 10 people were in the EU servers and I couldn't even see the server. I have reported already but wanted to make an official post on the forums so others might see this issue as well.
  9. I 100% run back and forth when I snipe, but I always have to come to a stop in order to get a shot off.