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Grew up playing DF1/DF2/DFLW / CS 1.5 / CS 1.6 / CSS / CSGO and COD4 (Promod). All my competitive experience is from COD4 and CS tho as I only ever played scrims/matches there - never public/casual... that's not what it's about imo, and did that for a long time atleast 10 years minimum. Delta force games I played casually but was part of teams of course over the years but I wouldn't compare the level of skill & competitiveness to that of cod4/csgo for example. Played in many leagues/ladders and tournaments/night cups. Reached Global Elite in csgo holding it for years and did it again on a few other alt accounts for fun, however I wouldn't say that's such an achievement. Quit gaming for a long time but come back as a casual player now just playing relaxed and for fun which is something it never was before, so much more enjoyable!

I am still hosting 4 servers 24/7 on my dedicated server for the DFLW community and 2 for DF2 and do play there still. I am known as shearfear in the Delta Force series. Many of you may know me from back in the day.

Glad we have something new to play which is like a remastered mixture of the old delta force series of games. Pixel shooting in the old school games was taking a toll on my eyes lol!

See you in game guys, glad to be a part of this new game and I'm enjoying the experience.