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  1. alt-tab: press esc and it alt-tabs as a champ show desktop: windows-d, right click on game icon, windows-d
  2. Since default options are somewhat confusing, I've removed ability to start a public squad (from Invision docs: Everyone can see these clubs and their posts. Members can participate within that club without the need to join), so now the basic option is open (Everyone can see these clubs and their posts, however you have to join the club in order to participate. Anyone can join) - there's a proper join button, and leaders have an ability to invite people. All the public squads changed to open now. Btw, the other options are: Closed - Everyone can see the club, and can see who is in th
  3. I believe that this shouldn't be continued in public, if you wish to discuss the matter please do so via direct messages. Thank you!
  4. I think you can still get it on steam
  5. oh lol, looks differently from any I've seen πŸ˜„ Thanks!
  6. Posting here/pastebin is good, but you've started right after the first important one ended πŸ˜„ To make it easier you may upload whole .xml file πŸ™‚
  7. hmm, when testing this feature in beta I used such an image link and it worked as a charm, so no idea what might be wrong πŸ€” https://ca.slack-edge.com/TN35CCWH0-U01CPLYVDHR-2307df796e96-512 Oh well, seems to be not-working correctly. @RJS_Jake halp?
  8. looks like water turned ice or wired frosted glass structure... Seem ok to me πŸ™‚
  9. Quake + milcombat = Urban Terror πŸ˜„ UrT5 is being re-created in UE4 tho, so it's better to stick to TFE πŸ˜‰
  10. It's because I managed to break this page big time :D, atm it's cut but menus revamp is coming and we'll have all the bugsy details like that ironed out. Suggestion noted.