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  1. Df2 - Graphics and gameplay somehow was the best on this one for me anyhow i played majority of df's df1. Clans , Maps , Tournaments etc was off the hook seeing the scene explode and not seen another df make their own gametype... Bhd. No comment played it but wasnt the same as df1/2/ lw vybes Dfx2 they tried to hard and made it worse than df1/2 somehow like bhd 😞 The games i dissed had a whole next level of singleplayer which was a huge game changer just was too much for me the psp's etc was agood move too i stuck to the df1/2 community my whole career. #DEA #SS #CZNTOETAGS(l)
  2. 2nd hand stores will have ddr3 m8 , cant wait to see some duo's team up on maps would be awesome to see also!
  3. I am also interested and have made maps for df1,2 and bhd but my maps was always offline unless it was me hosting them.
  4. You can get on the top and shoot while it moves from laying down possibly using smokes and jumping to get on the chopper its like a teleportation onto there from the floor of the chopper to the top if u get me i did try to see if it had been mentioned before i have a SS somewhere