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  1. Looking for additional beta testers? I'd love to partake 😄
  2. Hey all. 1.) M1A1 Thompson is beautiful weapon in my eyes ... maybe one day I'll own a transferrable one. As I've said before I'm big into guns. 2.) IcI was actually the person who told me about this game. He's an old squad mate from the Christian Soldiers Squad (*CS) from our BHD days. This gaming name has pretty much been the name I've used from the beginning of my PC gaming days. I'm primarily a FPS/RTS/Survival game player. I'm also a Star Wars aspiring nerd. 3.) Like a bunch of yall, live in the US. Glad to have been able to find a game like BHD again. TFE definitely b
  3. Sign me up too please! I did a handful of maps in BHD ... sadly I don't think I have that hard drive with my maps anymore to upload. Would still love to help though :)