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  1. I like the Choppers as is atm. They do need actual A.I. Pilots tho. I`m sure they will add these eventually. Not a fan of adding mini guns either. Overpowered easilly comes to mind. I would however like to see their flight paths cover the map though. As in, not always the same flight path. Allowing for peeps to drop on most any rooftop. .... that are not accessable by ladder etc. give the flight paths a more random feel.
  2. I`d like to comment here on this, but imho it is still way too early to comment. There just is nowhere near enough gameplay content to chime in about. I would however like to see maybe 2 types of Servers. A relaxed "quakey options" server for those who feel they need to side to side while standing and sniping... , and a more robust Hard Core Realism settings type Server options for those who lean towards a more realistic feeling tactical movement style game experience. I myself lean to a more realistic milcombat experience in visuals look, and feel. But easy to get into. Dancing sid
  3. I came in to Delta Force just as DF 2 was being readied for release. Delta Force 2s release nailed it as THE Onfoot Milcombat PC experience. No other milcombat game Dev at the time could compete. Nothing came close to the experience that DF 2 delivered. And tbh, imho every game Nova released after DF 2 was a step backward for Novalogic games. Especially when they added overpowered Vehicles. That literally killed the onfoot experience that put Nova on top. And it all went downhill from there.... sadly. DF 2s Wind Effected bullet trajectory, grass that concealed at ANY distance, Bullet dr
  4. I like the Hold Breathe function for snipers. Although, I myself never got into Sniping. More of an M4/ACOG guy m`self. But my Sniper user buds love the hold breathe feature.