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  1. You describe it better than me, Tyrian. Sounds like exactly the same issue. Glad it's not just me suffering with this. Hopefully it means it is related to the software and will iron itself out in future updates. Any others experiencing similar issues?
  2. Not sure how best to describe what I'm experiencing in game at the moment but will give it my best shot. There appears to be a lot of lag at the moment. The game/screen appears to run very smoothly. However, after running various distances (could be as little as 20m or as much as 60-80m) I experience a sudden large lag. I may have turned a corner but then after the lag I'm back behind the corner and find myself running in to a wall/obstacle. I've also noticed it when firing at someone - I stopped firing to move and they died a second or so after. I've spoken to a few people in the se
  3. Cheers, mate. Really appreciate your help. Set my mind at ease!
  4. Cheers for the reply, PANiC! By 'timings' I assume you're referring to the CAS Latency? If so, the Crucial 32GB 1.2v kit you refer to has a CAS Latency of 22, but the Ballistix version has a CAS Latency of 16. I had originally intended to by the 3200 32GB 1.2v version as it was the top result on Crucial's website when I ran the system compatibility scan, however it was out of stock and has been at all it's affiliated retailers for 2 weeks or more now. Today I saw the Ballastix version appear in Crucial's compatibility scan results and noticed the lower CAS Latency an
  5. I have a technical query, rather long winded, for those that are that way inclined... I recently bought a new laptop ( HP Pavilion 15-ec1006na ) Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 4800H 8 Core Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q 6GB 8GB DDR4 3200MHz Memory 1.2v My intention is to upgrade the memory to 32GB (the motherboard's maximum supported amount) and have purchased a Crucial Ballistix 32GB kit (2 x 16GB sticks) [model - BL2K16G32C16S4B] The kit's advertised speed is 3200MHz and they run at 1.35v supply (as you can see, the memory the laptop comes with runs at 1.2v). I have done so
  6. Cheers, Ram. I do occasionally like to play as a sniper, and I feel like I recognise that clan name, so may have played in their server, but was never a member.
  7. Cheers for the welcome, Psycho! It's been a long time since I played any FPS games, largely due to there being nothing that pulled me in like DF:BHD or Joint Ops did. I've largely played strategy games since those days (Hearts of Iron, Stellaris, Prison Architect, stuff like that). TFE has been on my Steam wish list a while, and I'm not 100% sure where exactly I saw it first. Back in the summer I was looking for new FPS games that might appeal, and TFE was the thing that came up more than once. As I say, I can't remember precisely where I saw it first, but I believe I saw results o
  8. Cheers, mate. Appreciate it. And thank you to everyone else for the warm welcome!
  9. Nope, not me. Hmmm, very strange! Never went to college, got married in March not July, and very definitely do not live in Pennsylvania, or anywhere else in the US, for that matter.
  10. Looking at the NovaHQ website I do believe I am registered on there, though it would have been a very long time since I visited the site. I did just try and log in but cannot recall my password (or possibly my username). Tried password reset but it does not recognise my email address. If the name is written in alternating upper and lower case then it probably is me.
  11. Hello all. I am new to the game and have just registered to the website via Steam. I wanted to drop in with a quick 'Hi'. I couldn't find a Welcome/Introduce yourself topic, so posted this (apologies if there is one and I've missed it). I am another of what is undoubtedly countless 'old school' game players. I was a long term player of DF:BHD, and an occasional player of Joint Ops. I was a member of UA (United Assassins) and TC (Total Chaos) clans (90% the same players in each, more or less a re-brand) I have only delved in to the game twice so far, but h