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  1. BCU server a couple of days ago. Was looking up at the top balcony of the opposition base building and backed into a crate (I think it was this one), next thing I am falling through the map.
  2. Bank Crash drops from 140-160fps daylight version to a low of 14-45fps with the night vision version. Its unplayable for me.
  3. Lol. Yeh they are long but just no spring or speed left in them. 🐢
  4. Airbase wall collison post update.mp4.divx Tried ghosting through walls on airbase after the latest update to fix stair and wall collision issue. Walk/run at the wall and it stops you, however if you jump at the wall you seem to go through or over it.
  5. Similar scenario different map. Backing up to an out building, glitch inside it with no way out.
  6. Was backing up to the small iron shed on the right in the first image when I just glitched through the wall. Couldn't exit. Same thing has happened before when climbing up onto the left iron shed attached to the zone and have fallen through the roof.
  7. Same thing for the other heli on this map where the nose was landing in the nearby building. Didn't get a ss for it though. Caused occupant death on landing.
  8. Installed the 3.6 update 24hrs ago. Had a few issues. Was in "Maintenance" status for quite a while. Eventually sorted itself. Then tried to join servers but kept getting a message "Your version of the game is not compatible with this server". Couldn't go any further. No change over the next few hours and gave up. Haven't checked back in today to see if it has been resolved.
  9. Venom, are you the former Venom SK from back in the day? If so you', 2's and a few others made the rest of us look ordinary. The guys at NoS are a good bunch and still play mainly sniper maps.