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  1. you have to pick your key to activate night vision in keyboard settings , then put your night vision on and you can see lol 😜
  2. Dog fox

    cold pursuit

    if anyones intrested download kodi 19 matrix you get sport ,films and shows everything for free and realy works ,the new one is as fast as netflix at loading up , you download kodi 19 matrix and the put a build in the kodi
  3. Dog fox

    cold pursuit

    in that case psycho watch the gentlemen ,guy richie film abit like snatch . its a belter and mile 22 mark wallburg another good one
  4. i agree with what viper is saying ,it would be better if bases ,spawns were more in a line ,was just carnage last night lol ,and is better to get head on fighting as the whole sqaud can move as one unit and leads to some better battles ,its going well the game it really is and is realy good to see new modes coming in , im a big fan of tkoh and aas and have been on the servers a lot latley in fact not been on any other games since i started playing tfe , in fact its probs the best playable game in a long time and has the protential to be up there . so keep up the good work lads its making my life beteer if no one else ha ha 😁
  5. very well 😁 ultra settings right through , i can see and kill people now got new 1 ms monitor 165 hz all runs very smooooth cheers
  6. many thanks for all help and replies , well managed after lot of messing about to get new setup with 1660 ti in it ,just waiting for new 3.8 download now lol to get on try it ,once again thanks for help and see you in game , and i will be able to see you all now πŸ‘
  7. 🍻 cheers to you as well friend , and i do like a bit of sangria when in majorca on the hols (cant wait to get back there after all this ) trouble is i cant stop drinking it when i start πŸΉπŸ‘
  8. played them all think might have even been on dial up lol on dfiw but bhd was the game changer i think ,i remember seeing noobs(and me ) looking up in air with bino,s in amazment and never ending maps (wow)and the best matches were on bhd as willy said but joint ops took it to another level and is still going strong today in the c,c s place good bunch of lads and lasses
  9. these look awesome ,cant wait to see them all up and running ,and great work on the game itself you all done a great job πŸ‘πŸ™‚
  10. on me has already been said but a good one to have πŸ™‚
  11. looking like complete new setup i think ,not gonna be cheap by looks of it πŸ€‘but gonna go for it something around the 1660 mark i think ,thanks again for all your help πŸ‘πŸ‘
  12. cheers for replys ,i know what im looking for now , and very helpful , thanks DF
  13. here,s a few of gt1030 but its not that bad tbh and might sell you,s a few more games as it is more than playable ,just some players are fast and thats why i was asking ,cheers {i want to be fast lol}
  14. sorry if that came across as if i was comparing the 2 games as i was more asking about a good card to run the game on ,ive just bought a small form factor pc and didnt know it would only take a low profile card ,and hasnt got the power to run a 1050ti ,so i need to upgrade again just dont want to make same mistake again ,thanks for reply and at least im in the game for now and a job well done on the game
  15. does it update automaticly through steam ?