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  1. choZen now have a dedicated Public / Match server with 28 slots Based in Europe, Feel free to jump on in whenever you want guys 🙂
  2. Hey you there! What you doing on my profile 😄

  3. and that bulldog mate, is where the skill gap comes in to play. Alot higher skilled players will hit them shots at distance and react alot faster, where as people who are not on their skill level wont. it's as simple as that buddy. No need to question peoples ability to headshot.
  4. Okay, Also i never stated that you accused anyone of cheating, some of your members are doing so by posting about it 🙂
  5. Alright ladies and gents. Long time vet here from DF2 / DF:LW and DF:BHD/TS Played for Pro. / Mbn. / JTF* I'll throw my opinion in if that's alright, I've noticed in TFE Going for headshots is a massive part of the game ( Just like it has been in all the Delta Force games previously ). Not only does it stop teams from med rushing to the zone it also grants extra experience for a headshot so essentially it levels you up faster. I don't understand why people moan about people going for headshots and hitting them consistently? I've been aiming for headshots in every competiti