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  1. Hm that's what I thought. It's something within the low settings that is causing the render defect. I'll have to run some tests to find out exactly Thanks
  2. Interesting! Can you let us know what is your GPU model?
  3. With night vision ready for release, we're opening a poll to see what 2 stock maps would you like to play on a night version, so that we can prioritize them.
  4. Hi Cobra, We don't use Rcon. We use our own dedicated server tool, to manage the server. As per 4netplayers servers, they offer a dashboard with the possibility to edit the config file, where you can adjust the vars to your liking. It's not as advanced as our own sever tool.
  5. Thanks, it helped. We believe we found the source of the problem, and a patch has been divised to be applied in the next few days. However, the actual real number of your k/d is being correctly registered, so it should appear on your profile once the update goes live.
  6. It's an ongoing issue we're trying to resolve. Can you let us know what is your ingame nickname?
  7. Yea , we're still reviewing it. This asset is causing a lot of issues for us. It gets broken without being touched, when we package the game. We might need to replace it entirely
  8. Hey @ronzalo We haven't updated trello in a while. We've been focused entirely in the map editor / SDK, which is currently under testing with community map makers. You can view how it works here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgCsU9-qumhgg-PdaANpOAQ We recently released Early Access 4.0 with a few patches. The last one as recent as this weekend. I'll soon work on updating our roadmap to reflect the recent progress. I will post more information soon here on the forums. Thanks for your support!
  9. Thanks for your kind words @Eagle_Eye and @icemandfr! The map maker is already out to a private testing group, who are already creating maps 😄 soon will be available to all