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  1. I've been looking for movies to see that I haven't seen before, that are decent. With the covid19 stop of new productions, it has become a desert to find new decent content to watch. I haven't seen this one before, but will take a look!
  2. We haven't yet been able to reproduce this bug. It's affecting the display, not the actual system. The system still counting players, and triggering win and loss, but the hud display , sometimes, is not updating it. We're still looking into this one.
  3. Hm! We'll take a look on the heli path' to determine what may be causing it. Thanks
  4. As mentioned on discord. We found today the cause for the weapon jam and has been fixed for next update. The way to unlock the weapon is to pull the tactical map "M" followed by clicking with the left mouse button anywhere inside the tactical map and then close the tactical map "M". It will activate the input from left mouse click again, while we work on the permanent fix for the issue. The Syringe issue might be related, since it requires the left-mouse click to activate. The issue is affecting left-mouse click input at times when the bug is triggered.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This is a really good map made by the community
  6. We're investigating. thanks for the report. Any clear steps to replicate it? Does it happen all the time, only in specific maps? Can you guys keep an eye out for it, to see if we have find a pattern , that could allow us to find the steps to replicate?
  7. Does the bar still moves, and only the numbers not showing correctly?
  8. Hi Brick, let me know if it happens again.
  9. RJS_Psycho


    Hi @hds , you can buy it from here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1148810/Tip_of_the_Spear_Task_Force_Elite/ Thanks for you support and welcome!
  10. Much appreciated! @jabo1SFH I'm upgrading you to beta tester nonetheless. Thanks!
  11. Hey Jabo, interesting, these are normally just for looks of the terrain, they're applied like paint. I'll delete this rock in this spot, thats the best approach in this case, to have a smooth surface in the zone in Insurgency Takedown map.
  12. Thanks @jabo1SFH This ladder has been fixed and the hot patch is coming in a few hours
  13. How did it perform @Dog fox? 🙂
  14. [3.8 Update] Fixed crosshair issue when toggling menu while ADS Fixed pistol ADS persistent when climbing ladder (Thanks @Flypaper) Updated default crosshair for M203-standalone Player will not be disconnected if not in lobby (to avoid ghosting and imbalance issue) Added more keys bindings including hard-coded commands like the F6 force respawn or the spectator commands (Thanks @Aeon) Fixed keyboard input locked when clicked on tactical map Reverted BadBeat zone height (now covering all floor except rooftop) Fixed M confliction with chat Fixed camer