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  1. hI @jabo1SFH Please refer to this topic: This documentation is really necessary for you to know how to get started. Also post any questions you may have on the forum here: https://www.taskforceelite.com/forum/60-eddie-map-maker-editor-tool/ So the answers can also help others. Thank you and have fun!
  2. It has 2KM x 2KM but the view distance is more like 30-40 KM (due to the landscape hills)
  3. I'm working on a custom map using EDDIE for snipers. Below you can find some screenshots of the work in progress:
  4. Please find below the link to EDDIE documentation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vTuL4zlGHEftMY3i4RmlFQaDnjlzTT8rZ93HjgB3YPzWfFi8ycj3cjqDw6TSXw7Dooh45I4IW4I2khg/pub
  5. If you wish to have live support / quicker support please go to: https://discord.com/invite/d6HhVwq If you are one of the testers of Eddie, please ask permissions to one of our Server admins. Thanks!
  6. For everyone who have signup, please check this out:
  7. We're happy to announce that we've finalized EDDIE (the TFE custom map maker based on Unreal Engine 4) and that its ready to be released for the testers who have signup to try out the tool (up to March 15, on this topic). In order to provide you access to the tool and access to the documentation and how-to's, and if you did signup in advance, please send me a private message here, via forum, with your e-mail address. It has to be the same e-mail address that you used to create your Steam account. The tool will be available under Steam Tools, in the Steam application. We'll be us
  8. Interesting find! thank you. We'll be reviewing it
  9. I understand fully what you're proposing Viper. What I'm saying is that, within the way the game mode functions today, if the map is setup in a different way, the way the game flow will work will be closer to what you are proposing, which is to force a sequence, so that checkpoints need to be taken in a preset sequence. A -> B -> C+D <- E <- F , or, A -> B -> C <- D <- E I wasn't speaking about the time to respawn, I was speaking to the amount of time it takes to win the map if you hold all the checkpoints.
  10. I am sure that linear Conquer maps will start to appear once Eddie goes out the door. However, this game mode has already proven that it does make a more interesting casual public server experience than any of the previous game modes. Team conquer wasn't designed to replace TKOTH for competitive matches. By narrowing the width of the map, and play with the length, with the checkpoints more or less in a line, it chokes the action into a narrower playfield, and make it more tug-of-war. Underground is the extreme example of this. But maps like Underground, but with wider widths of
  11. Shared the above with the dev team to investigate! Thanks for reporting Rasputin.
  12. Team Conquer. How it works? -There is a new type of PSP: Checkpoint. a) Checkpoints work differently than the traditional Outposts. Checkpoints come in two forms: Spawnable and non-Spawnable. The icon for both is slightly different. b) If you attempt to conquer a Checkpoint, you touch the flag pole but you need to make sure that there isn't enemies inside the zone of the checkpoint (yellow area on radar/map). If enemies are inside the zone, the progress bar to conquer the checkpoint is halted, and it resumes once you eliminate all enemies from the zone. c) Some maps are u
  13. Early Access 4.0 is now out! As we get closer to the full game release, this new update introduces a new game mode: Team Conquer, as well as several improvements, content, tweaks and fixes to the game. EDDIE, our upcoming custom map maker, based on Unreal Engine 4 platform, which is the most asked feature by the community, is now completed . We're currently working on the documentation, tutorials and file system clean up to reduce the HD Requirements for the tool. We've also completed the integration with our server manager tool, to create a seamless experience for map makers a
  14. Indeed 😉 we are working on the new update + eddie 🙂
  15. I've been looking for movies to see that I haven't seen before, that are decent. With the covid19 stop of new productions, it has become a desert to find new decent content to watch. I haven't seen this one before, but will take a look!
  16. We haven't yet been able to reproduce this bug. It's affecting the display, not the actual system. The system still counting players, and triggering win and loss, but the hud display , sometimes, is not updating it. We're still looking into this one.
  17. Hm! We'll take a look on the heli path' to determine what may be causing it. Thanks
  18. As mentioned on discord. We found today the cause for the weapon jam and has been fixed for next update. The way to unlock the weapon is to pull the tactical map "M" followed by clicking with the left mouse button anywhere inside the tactical map and then close the tactical map "M". It will activate the input from left mouse click again, while we work on the permanent fix for the issue. The Syringe issue might be related, since it requires the left-mouse click to activate. The issue is affecting left-mouse click input at times when the bug is triggered.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    This is a really good map made by the community
  20. We're investigating. thanks for the report. Any clear steps to replicate it? Does it happen all the time, only in specific maps? Can you guys keep an eye out for it, to see if we have find a pattern , that could allow us to find the steps to replicate?
  21. Does the bar still moves, and only the numbers not showing correctly?
  22. Hi Brick, let me know if it happens again.
  23. RJS_Psycho


    Hi @hds , you can buy it from here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1148810/Tip_of_the_Spear_Task_Force_Elite/ Thanks for you support and welcome!
  24. Much appreciated! @jabo1SFH I'm upgrading you to beta tester nonetheless. Thanks!
  25. Hey Jabo, interesting, these are normally just for looks of the terrain, they're applied like paint. I'll delete this rock in this spot, thats the best approach in this case, to have a smooth surface in the zone in Insurgency Takedown map.