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  1. Dying in base and spawning at zone?
  2. So, we're supposed to have a numpad on our keyboard? What's the plan if we don't? @cesium-137showed how nova used drop downs from keys that all keyboards have.
  3. as somebody who always leans - it happens to me 90% of the time. It's how I play the game.
  4. See screenshots I posted. I can recreate it by pressing Q and E back and forth then proning while in the middle of continuing those actions.
  5. Happened to me every time I did it yesterday
  6. If you are crouched and leaning while you press prone then your sniper scope will be tilted. Fix it by standing up, or crouching, then stop leaning and go prone. I would imagine the sniper scope should automatically be straight when going prone regardless of a players orientation when the prone button is pressed.
  7. Yea, Joint Operations had a pretty badass system if the RJS team wants to check it out for ideas or a conceptual approach. Definitely made the user experience in the game unique and fun. Overall only a positive. Great idea.
  8. I think a jungle map would be awesome. My concern is it's already hard to see people in bushes because of the dark uniforms with dark grass. I would prefer a tropical map because there is more contrast. I still think uniforms needs to be tuned not to blend in with as much of the terrain on any map. Snake River Ruins was an awesome map in Joint Operations and very popular for TKOTH. Check it out for an awesome map concept. Kubong Island TKOTH was also one the best maps for that game mode. AAS Kubong wasn't as great. Both of those were jungle styled maps. I dont think uniforms in TFE cater
  9. 1. Set server settings for the ruleset. If no clays are allowed then remove them from the event server. Knife kills should always be allowed imo. Mainly because you cant remove a knife from the server as it's used for running faster. 2. Password the server. In this format, ban the individual you are kicking with the lowest kills so they cannot reconnect. At the end of the event clear the ban log. Have the ban message say "thanks for your participation in the *event name*" 3. Define winning criteria. Time based, first to 'x' amount of kills or last man standing. This was last man sta
  10. Actually a small detail but it goes a long ways. I definitely judge the coding content if the tips don't specificy my remapped keys vs default. Good idea duz.
  11. Yea, not arguing with you but agreeing. I think it needs tweaking. What I meant by advantage was a defensive advantage. I said that specifically cause of the window opening ratio comment I made. Most people dont shoot at individuals below the waist. Based on my comment it would insinuate that opening the windows made sense when in fact I dont support that. I think there is room to tweak the openings with angles or slanted surfaces to improve the condition you identified.
  12. Great point on #3. A bunker is meant to be a designed advantage. This model is used in an array of different areas on multiple maps. I recall JO bunker's seemed to have a different window height to depth ratio. They also varied on how far off the ground the floors were (steps required to get in). I agree with your point but I'm not sure the beat solution. I still think the bunker should have an advantage in the scenario you mentioned. I.e. it is easier for somebody outside of the bunker to toss a nade inside but the opposite may be more difficult based on the height difference. Ma