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  1. GeRo-

    Stats in TFE

    I saw them. Weekly leaderboards (top3) I assume are temp thing due to still not many players playing. It's neat but doesn't feel like good old days. And personal stats - when you click on player's nickname is not at all I'm looking for 😶Would be cool to have stats listed in some sort of neat table
  2. GeRo-

    Stats in TFE

    The old way of course was perfect back then. I don't mean to replicate it 1:1 tho. But make it somehow this style with modern front-end techniques. This is what front-end programmers do, right? 💻 I'm sure there is a way when we look at the leaderboards and personal stats to make us react like "omggg this is soo much like old day on NW but waaay better!! neat, clean, easy to read, so fk*n good!"
  3. GeRo-

    Stats in TFE

    Was looking for a topic related to stats and leaderboards so I'd like to post what I managed to find in the deeps of archive Internet. Some random guy's stats personal stats from DFX, showing also his medals, achievment. Also top50 leaderboards of all time and those weekly top50. Ahhh these days when after grinding non stop all week you were just refreshing the top leaderboards only to find out there are even bigger nerds than you. Amazing times. I even found 1 SS of my being top1 in JOTR weekly leaderboards. Old good times. And medals, badges, personal stats - I think most of us can agree what NovaWorld had in the stats system was unique and we all loved to check our progress, time played, hs percentage, med saves and more. And to be rewarded with a badge during a game on an official server with stats, for example when you achieved General Rank and people were just saying "congrats", etc. I understand that those weekly leaderboards that we see right now are a temp thing due to not many players still playing the game? One day it would be good to see at least top25 or even top50 in every stats. Also I'd think about changing the way stats are showed. Maybe something more like an old style - 1 list with filters to choose which top stats u wanna see? Please consider your options. I'm just going to leave these screenshots below and I hope to bring some nice memories to many of you. Me personally? Eyes are a bit wet when I look at these. Link to player's stats I found: I think this post is quite important and probably would need another topic to discuss, but for now since I don't want it to disappear in forums, lemme ping you devs @RJS_Psycho@RJS_lllama loves you@RJS_Kin@RJS_KawasakiWAW@RJS_JotaVe@RJS_Jake@RJS_HistoryKing @RJS_GusRu@RJS_EpicBryan@RJS_Ares
  4. GeRo-

    BetaTest Session

    I hope there will be a free slot since I was allowed to sign up via calendar event 🧐
  5. Throw five JO and DF series fans into the ring and they'll start fighting over which game is better. JO fans will win because they have APCs and BTRs, lol. The truth is that each of the NovaLogic titles had something unique about them and each was great in other dimension. DF had amazing fights using mostly firearms, amazing teamwork, fast CQ fights. JO gave you total freedom to fight - you could flank the action center, fight side by side with your med team, you could fly helicopters, fight using a tank, play between TDM, TKOTH, AAS and many more, everything with up to 150 players. JO will always be the game I love above all else, however I totally understand the DF fanatics who spent as many thousands of hours on the title as JO fanatics on their beloved game. TFE has a chance to attract fans of both series here and dear devs - everything is in your hands. However, you can rest easy because we are here to help you create something we've been waiting for at least a decade now.
  6. Got very little experience in maps making, but I touched NILE back in the days. On the other hand there is nothing more I would like to do for this game than sacrificing my whole heart to recreate JOTR maps with the passion and then sharing it with you and whole NovaWorld community just to bring as many players here as possible - players who are yet not convinced to try TFE or are simply waiting for something "more" to test it or a miracle remake from THQ which as we saw what they did to Commanche - was a gross attempt. Working from home since march last year, doesn't seem to change at all anytime soon, so you've got my full support and time to learn new map editor with max dedication