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  1. When I am equipped with a M4/M203 attachment. When not using the M203, I see the ammunition count of the M203, and when I use the M203 attachment I see the count of my magazine.
  2. On your six. Fall back! Here they come! Watch your six. Behind you. On your Left. On your Right. Check the roof tops! Enemy on 1st floor. Enemy on 2nd floor. Enemy on Roof Top. At my location. Go back to boot camp! Enemy at Alpha Enemy at Bravo Enemy at Charlie. Requesting Backup at A Requesting Backup at B Requesting Backup at C Requesting Backup at Zone. Under Fire! Going Dark. Attack Alpha! Attack Bravo! Attack Charlie! Attack the Zone! Defend the Zone! Defe
  3. I am just curious. I am trying to run a dedicated server on a dedicated computer. But not have issues being able to play TFE on my computer with my steam account. Do I have to create a dedicated steam account and re-purchase the game in order to host?
  4. I am assuming the rapid auto firing is the issue lol.
  5. It took me little bit to figure out the drop depending on range, and just from that I was able to determine future range depending on distance. As far as auto range finder, when I was sniping. I saw the range on the scope as far as the distance.
  6. So at this point in time, can squads or players not run a dedicated server with Steam Account? How is gaming companys going to run servers?
  7. Awesome thank you. I added as well!
  8. until

    Play 2 TKOTH maps, I felt like a beginner again having to relearn some controls that were or weren't their yet. Kept wanting to press CTRL to crouch. I am not sure if that is on the road map but would like to have the option to press CTRL or reprogram keybinding to allow toggled crouch.
  9. Hello, I wouldn't mind participating in beta.