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  1. I think the night mode could do with more visual limitation when switched to night vision, I remember DFLW used a similar green inverting technique but the only green 'NV' part of your view that you could really see through in the dark was a large circle / scope view (maybe 60 - 70% of total screen view?), so that it still mostly blinded your peripheral vision. Otherwise it seems like we're sort of just playing in green and/or dark mode.
  2. Scenario: An opposing team player jumped on the bonnet of the humvee, while I was inside the humvee. It was just the two of us and he was showing me "something". Result: Humvee glitched by spinning out rapidly up in the air, then the server appeared to crash by disconnecting, then not displaying on server list afterwards. Date/Time: 22/08/21 22:46 PM (BST) on Official US Server, I think it was Server 2 as that wasn't available on the server list for a short period until after refresh, but im not 100% certain, hopefully the error log might match timing. When it was available again it started on Abandoned airbase - guessing thats the first map in the rotation?
  3. Its difficult to imagine the maps in night mode without having seen night mode in action yet, but my best guess until then would also be Bank Crash & probably Narcos Den.
  4. Scenario: When climbing a ladder, if you stop climbing and stay where you are on the ladder you can select your primary weapon. Bug: If you shoot your 203 or SL40 rounds, you can rapid fire without needing to reload.
  5. 1. LW (played it the most, the clan wars and server raids were great fun) 2. BHD (would have spent more time on it if i wasnt so focused on LW) 3. JO (loved the idea of mass 150 ppl battles) Didnt spend enough time on the other games to judge them fairly 🙂
  6. I'd like to signup please, available most weekends.