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  1. You don't get it while in full lean position, it happens everytime while transitioning from normal to lean stance
  2. Yea nova servers arent very good for that, W@W server is cool though. You can also try Gameranger BHD servers they arent so ban happy
  3. When I stop leaning, if I prone before the lean angle is back to normal, I keep the same lean in prone stance ex. hold Q, release Q and prone quickly before the view adjust to normal
  4. Its been like this since I can remember, frags, 203, rpgs all kill revived players before they get up, dunno about car explosions or claymores
  5. Grenades kill revived players if they didnt get up, looks like this
  6. When making very small movements with the scope up, the zoom will go back to minimum, when trying to zoom in further it doesnt zoom, it still thinks im on max zoom, in the video when I zoom in, im actually zooming out ( u can see that the zoom is a step under maximum when i zoom out there) I go through the graphics options at the end of the video if that helps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVQdy0Vayrs&feature=youtu.be
  7. No idea why but sometimes it just doesnt work, Pikus and myself were knifing eachother for like 5+ seconds, and only killed eachother after many stabs
  8. When dead players press respawn and their name/body disapears, their map icon stays for a few seconds and moves in the same direction as my icon Many times when going to revive someone they spawn before I reach them, but their icon stays in the map and the icon moves, its confusing Edit: Players leaving the game, their icon also stays for a few seconds , just noticed this too
  9. When you prone under some objects and then get up, you will be pushed under the ground. The players body is still in the same place and doesnt go under ground, but in your screen you can see under the ground This can be done under hummer mirrors, tunnel torches, etc..
  10. jiaho

    Medic revive

    My main problem with medding right now is that the dead players body will often go inside walls or under the ground, and I dont know where to aim for the revive to work