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  1. Welcome ShArP. hope you enjoy playing TFE.
  2. Certainly interested in making maps for TFE. Will probably make maps more than i shall actually play.
  3. Hi all. On behalf of the BCU and myself I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.
  4. Anyone else get this problem? Has only happened since the Xmas tree look was installed. 20201220_140710.mp4
  5. Maps with more cover for those who like sniping.
  6. Warrior RJS Did not wish this to happen but it is our server to be used as we wish. should RJS wish to take back our server then fine, we shall purchase one from 4player once stats are working on them and again run it how we wish to, banning cheats
  7. Read my message..If you were banned for cheating then you can not be trusted. Simple, cheat and your banned. Nobody has to play in our server, try purchasing your own and have your own rules.
  8. Just to make it very clear to all. My BCU squad, is an anti-Cheat squad. I would like to think that everyone here is also against anybody cheating in this or any other game. DanWhyNot has been banned by steam and yes it was around 10 years ago but to us once a cheat always a cheat. Yes he may well be playing fairly and yes he is a good player but unfortunately you can not trust that player to be playing fair. If you should wish to ban all my members, please do so, I have 26 member and do not need you Warrior or any other player who accepts having cheats in a game which you obvio
  9. Hi. When i go to check my squad list in my profile of the game the font size reduces the more members I sign up. BCU at present have 25 member with tags so is it possible to increase the font size and make the page scrollable?
  10. Not sure if this has already been mentioned but here are a couple of issues regarding players getting stuck in the maps. First you can DeadKennedys stuck in the corner of the building followed by myself on the tower. I was able to go up but if you come down in that corner you get stuck.
  11. I know you were not aiming anything at us Panic. All good m8.
  12. BCU has thankfully got a great group of fun loving gamers. We have 62 players in Dfx2 and already have 18 members with tags playing in TFE. We just like the idea of having a ranked server if possible. Anyone of my members found to be using any "external assistance" as you put it shall automatically be banned Our aim is to make our own maps for our server and if required we shall password it to just allow members and friends.
  13. If that is the case then nobody will play in ours or any other squad servers. My members have already said if that is the case there is no point in buying a server. Hopefully having stats shall be allowed soon.