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  1. We will have to agree to disagree on questioning peoples ability Soul my friend.
  2. I understand that but it is the speed in the reaction from being shot at especially from distance and being killed becomes questionable from many.
  3. All players are better than me and i do not care about getting hammered in any server or game but the speed that players get a headshot becomes questionable and that is not only my opinion.
  4. I'm not accusing anybody of cheating and i just used the term "competitive players" from what Psycho called them in his post. The issue we have regarding the the amount of headshots certain players seem to find easy to get is the speed that they can get them from just turning and shooting. I'm certainly not a great player in any fps game but when i shoot at a player running away from me, then find they are able to turn, see me hiding on a building, shoot and get regular headshots within a split second it makes average players become suspicious.
  5. And you are more than welcome in our server. Somebody just has to bite the bullet and wait in a server for others to join even if ours is the most populated. We are lucky as we have many members who will just do that.
  6. No decision has been made yet and it is the choice of everyone what server they play on. Luckily i have many members who would keep our servers going.
  7. I understand what you are are saying and most likely this will not happen. Ask the question, why do players come to our server as there are others available. Hopefully when the final TFE game is finally complete, hopefully sooner than later, more servers shall be made available by new squads for others to play in.
  8. I think you hit one of the nails on the head there Jordan. "Competitive match players". We tried to run our server without the voting option as many maps were not getting played. Maps like sky garden would only be played once in the rotation of all the available maps. Some players still left due to this action. We now have the voting option back on and players leave because the same 6/7 maps are always being voted for. Some players leave our server when certain so called Competitive players join our server, That includes myself. This is why we have decided to set our server
  9. You say it is not hard to constantly get headshots, really?
  10. PANIC that is not off topic as it is a typical example of the way players are tending to play in the servers.
  11. Thanks Psycho for your comment. The one thing i will add is that more and more players are actually playing the TKOTH maps as if they were TDM. Not sure if this is due to being fed up with playing the same mode of map or what. I do know that if you were able to have the option to allow multi game modes on a server that would be a great option to have. Many have mentioned that to me in my squad.
  12. Thanks Duz for your post. I myself and my BCU admins shall be having a chat regarding the way we wish to run our TFE servers and to agree any actions that we feel necessary to make it a friendly and enjoyable place to come and game. I certain not all will agree with whatever we decide but at the end of the day they are our servers.
  13. 30 plus kills and 80% are headshots in a map where you are running around? I can understand why some think there is something suspicious going on. Especially when its happening in most maps.
  14. Some of my members have questioned the ability of certain players regarding the high percentage of headshots they get after a map. Is it really possible to get over 80% headshots out of 30 plus kills in a run and gun map? Are the players cheating? Is there an issue with the recording of headshots? One thing I do know is that players are leaving when these "highly skilled" players come into our server. I would be interested to hear peoples opinions on the headshot issue and also what you would do yourself regarding players leaving the server due to these players.
  15. Is there an automatic range finder for those who use a sniper rifle? I played against this player who i missed with my shot (nothing unusual i hear you say. lol) he turned completely to my direction made one shot followed by another and killed me within 2 seconds. It takes me a few seconds and not under pressure to do this, this guy wow!! Maybe i'm just to old to play these games anymore..
  16. Welcome ShArP. hope you enjoy playing TFE.
  17. Certainly interested in making maps for TFE. Will probably make maps more than i shall actually play.
  18. Hi all. On behalf of the BCU and myself I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.
  19. Anyone else get this problem? Has only happened since the Xmas tree look was installed. 20201220_140710.mp4
  20. Maps with more cover for those who like sniping.
  21. Warrior RJS Did not wish this to happen but it is our server to be used as we wish. should RJS wish to take back our server then fine, we shall purchase one from 4player once stats are working on them and again run it how we wish to, banning cheats
  22. Read my message..If you were banned for cheating then you can not be trusted. Simple, cheat and your banned. Nobody has to play in our server, try purchasing your own and have your own rules.
  23. Just to make it very clear to all. My BCU squad, is an anti-Cheat squad. I would like to think that everyone here is also against anybody cheating in this or any other game. DanWhyNot has been banned by steam and yes it was around 10 years ago but to us once a cheat always a cheat. Yes he may well be playing fairly and yes he is a good player but unfortunately you can not trust that player to be playing fair. If you should wish to ban all my members, please do so, I have 26 member and do not need you Warrior or any other player who accepts having cheats in a game which you obvio