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  1. I am absolutely not happy with the Sniper class. This is what people are doing: Standing upright with a sniper rifle and stepping back and forth on flat ground. There is little to no scope drift as it is, and the same when standing up with weapon. The advantage is to the sniper with x10 magnification or whatever it is. Other games that I have played, a sniper cannot scope with ANY movement, the weapon drops to port arms position and must be re-aimed. In real life a sniper is prone and supported with bipod and a spotter. Get it right or I will not play anymore. You wanted squad tactics, get ri
  2. At work, let me get back to you after the Thanksgiving.
  3. I didn't take notice. But look at that and write it all down.
  4. Sometimes I can't use my mouse buttons to aim, and sometimes I am stuck on 203, and sometimes I shoot 203's with a regular crosshair for rifle. It comes back after I die. It's frustrating. My mouse is fine, It works, it works on other games. It's a cheap Dell with two button and a wheel. This has been going on from the beginning. But not every day. Sometimes. Comes and goes, no pattern. Thanks.
  5. I don't understand this. I mean, if I want to participate and play and develop the game by providing feedback, its hard when I have a 180 ping vs 50 ping. That's a huge difference and its not fun when a what should be a 50/50 ball becomes more like 80/20. That's a football reference. Meaning that all things being equal when two players spot each other at the same time it should be closer to 50% success rate. But the lower ping wins way more. I know that's how games are, but I have to go into a Euro server, I'm at a huge disadvantage, Just like in JOTR (Joint Operations Typhoon Rising). 🙂 Also
  6. I am getting a notice that says its not current.
  7. These were made with N.I.L.E
  8. Here is everything that I made, also have a lot of modifies from stock maps, did not include them as they were minor adjustments or fixes to a corrupted map. 51_Pegasi_.ifl 51_Pegasi_.npz 51_Pegasi_.str 51_Pegasi_.WAC Aidid's_Counter_Attack_.ifl Aidid's_Counter_Attack_.npz Aidid's_Counter_Attack_.str Aidid's_Counter_Attack_.WAC Air_Craft_Carrier.ifl Air_Craft_Carrier.npz Air_Craft_Carrier.str Air_Craft_Carrier.WAC Airborne_Ranger_.ifl Airborne_Ranger_.npz Airborne_Ranger_.str Airborne_Ranger_.WAC Area_52_.ifl Area_52_.npz Area_52_.str Area_52_.WAC Bumbu_Oil_Platforms_.ifl
  9. Here are some stills. Will send files later.
  10. No I'm looking here.
  11. I cant find my friends page(s). Looking for Shifty Powers, Paybacc, eldemoledor, Oneman etc. Tried typing name and search for part of name....nothing.
  12. The sun seems to be setting in the North-North West sky?... which puts the sun in the face of one team and over the shoulder of the other. Plus that team has a significant elevation advantage/sniper advantage. I know: plan and play accordingly: flank them, but that means one team runs all day and the other spreads out and snipes.
  13. I don't like stats at all. One more thing to flaunt over another player, another thing to argue about-the score....stats will prevent players from being aggressive, instead: playing conservative to "get back to k/d ratio" that is acceptable to them, causes too many players to hang back where it's safe and happy that someone else is willing to BE THE TIP OF THE SPEAR. I do like awards, just don't publish the stats required to make rank/earn medals. That way, if somebody has a high rank/loads of awards it may be more apparent that the person plays a lot.
  14. Very interested in this. I have many maps for JOTR and Escalation. I can post the files here at a later date. I used N.I.L.E. Most are Advance and Secure, some TKOTH and modifications to original maps to make them more balanced; have fixed stock corrupted maps etc.