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  1. That was the best way I found to name the subject 😅 I'm facing a lot of weird activities at that part of Downtown Raid zone, in diff matches. 4:05 - https://youtu.be/2vRz83EqK5k?t=245 Two RPG explosions in diff locations? 4:14 - https://youtu.be/2vRz83EqK5k?t=254 Invisible grenade? 3:25 - https://youtu.be/9wWYPJnblOM?t=206 What was this?
  2. - Many basic problems (in my little understanding) in the architecture of the brick buildings. Unfortunately I must confess that the scale of these buildings looks like Frankenstein. It's not just some doors that are on the wrong scale, but some parts of the building (or entirely) as well. The height of the ground floor seems low (in some, not all), a problem similar to the buildings on the slum block (remember the Midget Buildings topic). Whoever is building these buildings is not using the right scales. @Demonic did a nice research with my help on the correct measurements for doors etc. We a
  3. Always a bad surprise... It's happening on M4 and AUG, weapons with a second firing mode.
  4. Reviving the topic to add more things: The crosshairs for M4 and M203 are out of sync. When you change to one of those weapons, you don't know which one you're using until you wait an excessive time after the weapon switch. That problem killed me a lot of times. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reload out of sync (HUGE PROBLEM) That problem alone is killing me at least 2 times per match. When you think you have reloaded
  5. I noticed the same thing few days ago.
  6. What about a kill count mark in the bloddy skin? Like it was made with a knife...
  7. After I stopped using Barrett because I couldn't handle the exaggerated volume of the shot, I decided to record some clips and check the volume, even though I knew it was wrong. If someone is thinking of suggesting that I turn the volume down, I tell you: I'm not using 100% volume (while playing, not while testing) and if I lower it further so I don't have a headache, I won't listen to the rest. Here you can clearly see that the sniper rifles sounds are hitting hard 0 db when it should be leaving something like 3db of room for the rest of the game sounds. Imagine firing the Barrett a
  8. If you press the walk key (shift here) 2 times, you can run again.
  9. Hey @Shaitan, do you already have TFE in hand? This comment makes no sense. You can't "dance side to side while shooting" with sniper rifles in Task Force Elite. In DF1 the most common thing to do with Barrett was to jump scoping and shoot in midair. Take a look at this video: Task Force Elite sniper rifles works similar to DF2/LW/TFD, with the addition of being able to walk or jump scoping, but you can't shoot accurately midair, like in CS. So, even being able to shoot, you won't kill anyone.
  10. This is happening because the names are centered aligned, which is a very uncommon thing to do with player names. The correct is to left align the names, as you can see in most games. It was already fixed in the last beta. It needs a little more polishing, but it's fixed.
  11. Two problems: The profile screen gets streched as you add more letters https://youtu.be/C61hMcUmYPU. The maximum number of letters could be 15, following all DFs/JO (https://i.imgur.com/yJqjeEN.jpg) The names in the kill feed are limited to 10 chars, which means that many names are currently incomplete as you can see here https://i.imgur.com/y0xGKOZ.png. Limiting to 15, the need to use ellipsis ends.
  12. Not leaving the lobby if pressing the < BACK button Plus there are two BACK buttons. It seems redundant.