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Hey everyone sorry for being away but as most of you know back in June I had ended up in the hospital then was later transferred to a nursing home to recover from Conversion Disorder related issues. Basically randomly I would get these headache light headedness and whole body would shake then get this slurred speech stuff. I did eventually get released in july but then ended up back and forth to the hospital several times until September where I had a emergency surgery to remove a large hematoma out of my right leg and they had to put me on IV antibiotics Vancomycin and Roscphin Vanc was every 8 hours and spent several weeks in the hospital then later transferred into the nursing home.. Fast forward to thanksgiving in the nursing home I caught COVID and currentling in the Covid unit here at the nursing home.. So I wish I could play but we have to pay for the download data and its like 12 gigs each time you all do an update.. So miss ya all and I hope that some day soon you all can work out a patching system rather then re downloading the whole game for updates.. By the way sorry about my absence I really enjoyed testing and helping out where I could but I was dealing with a lot this year.  Love you all!

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