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/* I found the old  thread introducing the forum where some people gave their name/past squads - but not many posted in it and it hasn't been posted in since Sept. Lot of new players also so I figured it was better to start a new one - maybe one will find past friends */

Just answer the questions, all are optional

1. Story behind/how did you pick your current name:

2. Your history: past squads/past player names/ any other gaming tid bits

3. Personalish info: First name, General location in world, etc - only if you want to!

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Name: IcIshoot - I get a lot of questions as to how it is pronounced, mainly because it is confusing due to the way a capital "i" looks like the lower case "L" - example: capital i: "I" - lower case L "l".

In lower case form it is icishoot - and is pronounced "I see I shoot" - It was my first FPS name, and was picked due to that being my goal: I see a target, I shoot it.

Feel free to call me Ic, IcI, Shoot

Past History: Always have used IcIshoot. I started in Land Warrior with the squad CW, Conquers of War. After moving to BHD, after a brief time with a squad I left and formed Commandoes Elite =*CE*=, which merged with Christian Solders *CS and was there until we shut the BHD:TS server down.

Currently in CTA - Call To Arms. Been playing TFE since Oct. 30th, and have loved every moment.

Personalish info:

First name: Seth, age 36

Live: Michigan, USA - about 19 miles out side of downtown Detroit.
Currently self employed doing yard maintenance for my church + what ever odd computer jobs/yard jobs/car repair jobs come along
I love all things computers and am working on improving my programing skills.


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Posted (edited)

Name: Was StevieB but now PANiC. Not sure why or when i started using PANiC tbh, maybe when I started playing Ghost Recon a while back, I stuck with that. Some call me P or Mr.P, that's fine to. 

Past History: I could go on all day, not because I'm interesting, but because the DF community has been so great.

Someone showed me DF2 when I was at university and that was the start, we didn't even have internet, but we had floppy disks and university computers to download maps from sites such as panchoandheavy.com and kept up with info from places like df2hq, df3.net, fatandhairy, dfbarracks, dfarena. I made 2 DF websites on friggin Geocities! who remembers Geocities?  UKDeltaForce still there 😄 www.oocities.org/ukdeltaforce/ 

Anyway Panther (Scott) from Panther's Den said we should combine resources and make up a new website, so we made DF-HQ / NovaHQ. We never asked for anything, we have always been ad free, never sold despite interest from GameSpy and others, and no plans to close, we still get new maps submitted each week 🙂 I'd like to say that all the time and effort for the past 20 years has been useful to some.

I mostly played DF2, LW, TFD, BHD then moved to Ghost Recon and managed to play for the UK Team which was cool. 
Also went on a nice trip to Stockholm to do some BETA testing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

I always preferred making maps to playing though, hence getting involved with resource websites. I made a lot of guides and tutorials to get others into mapping.

Used to be in *PR* - Predators, We had a kickass Normandy Server in BHD, think that thing was full 24hrs a day, I made the Beach Landing map for that 🙂

I've only been hanging around TFE for a couple of months but have been trying to spread the word because so many people say things about nostalgia etc, and I think it brings back some nice feelings for the DF community, so It's a shame if they miss out. And it's not just about the old things, it's a new era and the more input from players, the better.

Steve, 30 something, live in Sheffield, UK.
Day job is in IT Infrastructure, 3rd line type stuff.

Edited by PANiC
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  From the aforementioned topic:

On 5/23/2020 at 11:04 PM, RJS_lllama loves you said:

it's your friendly neighborhood lama. llama. lllama. Played BHD mostly on MOST-PL server, been organizing local 2v2 CTF league in 2004 (ctf.bhd.pl) - we had 34 teams attending 😉, been somewhere in the middle of clanbase ladder with polish *SAS* team. Also played JO (some), CoD2 (a little), BF2 (a lot), SWAT4 (not a lot), CS:S (some). Casual rail instagib Q3 player since 1998.

Favorite game: UFO: Enemy Unknown. Favorite movie: Road House. Favorite food: food.

1. got called lame n00b baaaack in the days by some angry player and smh it became a sort of recurring joke on the Q3 server I played the most, so I went under lame nickname, then it changed to lama (single L in polish yo!)

2. look at the quote 🙂

3. A/S/L: 40 / graphic designer / Warsaw, Poland 😄

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I thought I already posted something in that introduction topic, but can't seem to find anything 😮


My name's Jasper Catthoor. I live in Belgium, near Antwerp and I'm 25. In 7 days (January 7) I'll be 26 😛

Black Hawk Down was the first FPS I ever played. I think I went by the names LowFire and SpeedVolt. My dad introduced me to BHD when I was young! His in-game name was HighDown.


Besides playing TFE and occasionally working on https://tfe.gg and the Discord bot, I work as a software developer.

If it wasn't for the Corona pandemic, I'd still be playing basketball 3 days a week. Luckily I've got 2 cute cats, a bunny and my girlfriend to keep me entertained for now 😛


Alsooo... Proud winner of the Sniper Tournament and impatiently waiting for the map maker 😄

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How's it going everyone, name's Wuhdups. Actually recently changed to this name few months back. Been through quite a few since my start of gaming back in DF1. Think my very first was DOMIN80R cause I was a huge Red Wings/Hasek fan at the time. Anyways, went from DF1 to 2, LW, BHD then JO. After that sorta drifted off to consoles and a stint in BF2142. Last decade played CS pretty heavily and was on a solid team for Source back in high school.

Nowadays, got a little guy, less time to play and find a lot of the newers games too time consuming for some quick action. Went searching for any news on Angel Falls yesterday and stumbled across this game. Super pumped to find something so similar! Downloaded it this morning, had some coffee and jumped on the BCU server for a few games. What a blast!

Looking forward to getting back in there.

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My in game name for Delta Force and Nova Games has been Killerbee or KB,  there are a few other people that were big competitive that also had a similar name. we all knew each other and was fun little group. 

I started in DF1 in 1997 but didn't get heavy until DF2 which I played competitive. Squads of note I was in DEA*, ~ZW~, FI, EU. I moved to LW and TFD and played with RS3 and DEA*. Once BHD came out joined the Army and didn't get to play a ton anymore so while I played JO BHD and DFX I wasn't competitive.  I became an Admin at Novahq with Panther, Matt, and Panic around 2005 and have been at that site since then. I was active all around the community at DF chicks, DF barracks, DF Arena and many more.  I help RJS team run the official Discord and jump on and play casual when I have time. My days of competitive are over with the little amount of time that I have.

Present day I am a family man with 2 little kids, I am 37 and live in Kansas City, MO. I work as  safety manager for a Infrared Scanning Company. 


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Hey all.

1.) M1A1 Thompson is beautiful weapon in my eyes ... maybe one day I'll own a transferrable one. As I've said before I'm big into guns.

2.) IcI was actually the person who told me about this game. He's an old squad mate from the Christian Soldiers Squad (*CS) from our BHD days. This gaming name has pretty much been the name I've used from the beginning of my PC gaming days. I'm primarily a FPS/RTS/Survival game player. I'm also a Star Wars aspiring nerd.

3.) Like a bunch of yall, live in the US.

Glad to have been able to find a game like BHD again. TFE definitely brings back some fond BHD memories.

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Hi all! 

Currently Slick, but who know how many nicknames i had in the old days, i was young and changed my alias a lot more then my underwear (jk... jk...)

The names that sticked a bit longer were Earthquake (LW) BlackMask(TFD) Riot.(BHD) So yeah one of the oldschools like most of us. DF1 i played mainly on my fathers computer : Who always played as Grazy. Anyhow back to me.

Born and raised in Amsterdam the Netherlands, proud father of a 2 year old daughter who is of course the most important thing in life!

Hobbies: Gaming, F1, Football=Ajax (the real football, Yes i mean Soccer.)

Used to work in the hotel bussines as a department head of the bellstand/concierge in luxury hotels (Krasnapolsky & Marriott Amsterdam) unfortunately due to COVID lost my job. Made a quick switch to a big retailer in Office furniture. This happened the beginning of december and made my RL turn out to be so much better (not working holidays/flex hours etc etc.)


As many of you said, happy to have found a game like the old DF and that community feeling! 

See you on the battlefield!

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