Update 3.5 - changelog

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Changelog Update 3.5


  • Improved scoreboard (thanks @Duz for designing)
  • Fixed invisible walls in Narcos's Den
  • Fixed invisible building in Killingfield
  • Fixed issues with new ladder mechanic
  • Removed black bushes from distance in Bank Crash map
  • Added randomization if map vote is a tie
  • Fixed gap in blocking volume in CQB Underground
  • Added condition check when crouching in tight spaces to prevent clipping through floor
  • Added community stats on servers hosted via community server tool
  • Fixed decal see that allowed to see through and hide players
  • Forced walking when looking down scope in sniper's weapons
  • Added ability to add custom clan avatar using URL on player profile
  • Community managers can now issue global mute to players (text and voice) to players who violate code of conduct, present toxic behaviour using in-game chat.

A few items are pending that will be introduced in another update very soon including a new map named: Blizzard featuring the snow biome.

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